Oct 092017

Come meet Lucy and have your book pawtographed. This is my love letter to humanity as a whole, and specifically the LGBT Community in the name of equality, acceptance, love, tolerance and the unifying and timeless message that #loveislove

This also doubles as an adoption event as the amazing LA Animal Rescue, will be a major part of this event, once again selflessly and tirelessly matching fur babies with their forever homes.
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Oct 082017

While it’s not true to say that everybody would describe themselves as a ‘comic book geek’ it is certainly true that there is a very large constituency of comic fans out there. After all, how else can you explain the phenomenal success of Marvel and DC superhero movies in recent years? You can be sure that something which takes over popular culture to such a large extent will filter through to the online gambling industry before very long, and that has most certainly occurred. With that in mind, here’s our comic book geek’s guide to navigating the world of online gambling!

We mentioned superheroes in the opening paragraph, so that is an obvious place to start. Both Marvel and DC have licensed their heroes to online gaming providers, although today only the latter’s games are still available. Playtech had a range of Marvel slot games, all linked to a huge progressive jackpot, which were hugely popular. These included familiar faces like Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Avengers, Captain America and plenty of others. However, when Disney took a controlling interest in the Marvel brand, they didn’t want their brand associated with gambling in any way, meaning that the games were all removed. That’s where DC stepped into the breach, licensing older versions of their most famous superheroes to Playtech. So today, you can find a selection of Batman slots based on the old TV show with Adam West, along with a range of Superman slots featuring Christopher Reeves in the title role. For fans of the darker Batman of the Chris Nolan films, then the Dark Knight games from Microgaming will fit the bill.

While the idea of a traditional casino brings to mind gents in tuxedos and ladies in evening gowns, the advent of online casinos has shaken things up a little. For sure there are a number of casino sites which try to reproduce the feel of a sophisticated casino online. However, in the last few years we have been seeing a very different type of online casino emerging. Casinos like Casumo, Rizk, Thrills, and Dunder – to name but a few – have a fresh and funky style aimed squarely at a younger demographic.  If you are a fan of the comic book ethos and are new to casino’s, then a good place to start would be to take advantage of the free spins at Casumo as a way to learn the ropes without risking any of your own money. In fact all of these casinos will offer welcome bonuses to new players, and their entertaining site designs and fun-filled ethos will definitely appeal to comic book fans.

Besides the superhero slots mentioned above, there are lots of other comic-styled slot games waiting for you to discover. Take the excellent Jack Hammer games from NetEnt, for example, which feature a ‘Sam Spade’ type detective in two excellent adventures. Popular characters like Hellboy and Tomb Raider also have a couple of slot games each to their name. X-O Manowar is a cult comic favourite with a truly fantastic slot game to enjoy, packed with bonus features. Or for some British toilet humour you can try your luck with the Viz slot game! Other examples include Wonder Woman, Flash, Monkeys of the Universe, Heavy Metal Warriors, Justice League and the Wild, Wild West games. Plenty of great gaming options with a comic book ethos to please the most demanding of geeks.

As you can see, there are plenty of online gambling options out there for hard-core comic book geeks to enjoy. The worlds of comics and casinos are colliding these days, to very enjoyable effect. Even though the hugely popular range of Marvel comic superheroes was cruelly snatched away from slot gaming fans, there are plenty of great alternatives out there, with many more in the pipeline. What’s more, the world of online gambling is now at your fingertips, since most people prefer to play on their smartphones and tablets these days rather than on desktop devices. That means that no matter where you are you can enjoy the best casino action. In the months and years to come you can expect virtual reality tech to make more inroads into the world of online gaming as well. It has already been picked up by early adopters, but is still only at the beginning of the journey. You can rely on online gaming to boldly go where nobody has gone before!

Oct 032017

Comic books are typically about heroes and villains. The best usually involves the former saving the world from some diabolical plot devised by the latter. That’s all well and good, and it works well for the most part. The problem arises that even the best plots are often formulaic. Are we really going to see the likes of Spiderman ended by The Green Goblin? Seems unlikely. However, life doesn’t always go the way of Hollywood blockbusters – in fact, outside the world of feel-good script writing, and happy endings, the nice guys often do finish last. It might not be the message that parents want their kids picking up, but hey, comic books aren’t just for kids, right?

With that in mind, we thought it would be great to turn the tables on the heroes. We’ve thrown the traditional perspective of comic books out the window to focus on supervillains. Whether fictional, or real-life threats to us all, we can imagine a skilled team could work wonders with these characters as they have done with so many games in past, some of which have been reviewed by Nodepositfriend. So, here’s our list of supervillains that most definitely deserve their own comic series.

Darth Vader
Dark, brooding, mysterious and with a fantastic backstory, Darth Vader would make a great supervillain-themed comic book. Being such a fearsome force in the galaxy, perhaps a more humanistic look at the interstellar-scoundrel would be a good angle to take. Do we see Luke and Leia take the man who claims black and blue (but mostly black) to be their father on Jerry Springer for a paternity test? He might be able to command the full power of the force but has the dark lord finally met his match with family duties?

We imagine this would be a comic about hilariously mundane occurrences in Vader’s new life as full-time family man. Cancelling plans to maraud the galaxy with Palpatine because he’s forced to babysit the grandkids. A scene of the cloaked villain attempting to heat up milk for Kylo Ren (or perhaps Rey if that’s the way future instalments take the plot) with his lightsabre is just one of many amusing vignettes that spring to mind.

Donald Trump
The art team for a Donald Trump comic book wouldn’t even need to be that creative to caricature-up the leader of the “free world”. They might need to order in a fair bit more orange ink, however. There’d need to be a strong comedic element, as almost everything Trump does, or speaks about has hilarious consequences. Well, it would, if it didn’t affect the whole planet in quite as fatalistic a way as it does.

We’d follow the blundering president as he attempts to juggle geo-political strife without it all “blowing up” (pun very much intended) right in his face. Every edition could culminate in some catastrophic balls-up that results in Donald slamming that big red button for increasingly trivial reasons. Part classic slapstick, part absolute gallows humour, we think it could be a big hit. That’s if nuclear Armageddon doesn’t strike before the first issue makes it to print.

Kim Jong Un
Another political leader that we think could get the full “Marvel-treatment” is Kim Jong Un. The Chairman of the Worker’s Party of Korea is all over the news lately for his nuclear posturing but could there be a deeper reason to his itchy trigger-finger? With so many of his government’s activities remaining unknown in both the West and his own country, the writers could really take some artistic license and have some fun. The plot could be about how poor Kim Jnr is always trying to live up to a father who was “famously” super-human in many respects. Starting early the Kim Jong-Il had a supernatural birth in a tale that kind of borrows heavily from that of Jesus Christ. He also invented the hamburger, and never used a toilet. It’s understandable that Kim Jong Un would feel a little bit of an inferiority complex.

We could even flashback to the supreme leader’s school days in which he was reported to have attended a Western school under a pseudonym. Imagine how hilarious it would be for the “little rocket man” we know today to be attempting to explain to some school kids that his Dad definitely did shoot eighteen holes at an incredible 38 under par. We’re sure the inevitable bullying that would ensue could provide answers to why Kim feels such a need to make such an explosive impact on the world. In an issue that would be much less exciting than it sounds, we could even see the North Korean leader trying to steal back time itself from the Japanese. Spoiler: this happened in 2015, and he just rolled the clocks back thirty minutes…. That’ll show ‘em, Kim!

Another hugely misunderstood villain that’s thoroughly deserving of their own comic book series has got to be Eggman, or Dr Ivo Robotnik (as fans of the original Sonic franchise will stubbornly attest to). With Sonic Forces being released recently, it would be a great time to pen such a piece, and delve a little deeper into the bizarre realm that must be his mind.

Eggman is a bit of a strange character. He’s undoubtedly a genius. Look at the contraptions he’s created over the years. The steel sonic, and enormous “death egg” mech are engineering feats. It’s a wonder why he didn’t deploy them right at the beginning of Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive and be done with his spiny blue foe right off the bat. That’s not his style though. He likes to spin the yarn, make Sonic jump through hoops, so to speak. Ultimately, as we all know, such a strategy is ill-conceived.

A comic that satirises the original content of the Sonic games could work excellently. Maybe he finally trades Grounder and Scratch in for a savvier assistant who tries to pressure him to just bust out the big guns and get rid of Sonic once and for all (or at least dramatically increase their odds at it). In walks Grimer, a character from an early Sonic The Comic edition. Being an evil genius, and pretty handy scientist himself, he’s no time for messing around with all the coy creations his new partner is so keen on trying. However, in a bizarre twist, it transpires that Eggman isn’t really about catching Sonic at all. He knows that he needs him. What else will he fill his time doing if it’s not tinkering with bits of old steel down at his tool shed? We could even have an issue where he decides to give Sonic a break and appears on a show like Scrap Heap Challenge. Of course, being an evil super-genius and not a team of off-duty firefighters from Stoke-on-Trent, he’d find the whole thing woefully easy, and it wouldn’t be long before he’s back in his shed welding together spikes, pendulums, and other such implements of destruction. He’d be back to tearing around the Emerald Hill Zone trying to thwart that pesky blue hedgehog in no time.