Dec 182014

Image-23It’s holiday time in the city and @MeltdownComics!!

Who could have guessed we would be treated with so many talents in one week? Well…technically @MeltdownComics and other stores across the nation did…when ordering the—but, you know what I mean! To have the stars align so perfectly to see NEW works from the likes of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Grant Morrison on the shelves at the same time…we are blessed. And let us celebrate those blessings by unpacking all the gifts our writers have left us to find in their works!

We’ll open our first gift, addressed from the modern comic’s legend himself: ALAN MOORE’S ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE, by AVATAR PRESS. The first thought I had when reading this short collection of tales was that the stories felt older than they were letting on. Not that they were commenting on a time period different from present day, which is made fairly obvious in one of the acts, but a tone, that was relating to today, versus simply existing in the present. Sure enough, when I looked up details on Another Suburban Romance, I was delighted to find out that the acts featured in the collection were selections from a series of plays Moore wrote in 1976. Moore states: “It was a very exciting time in a number of ways, it was a very bleak time in a number of ways. We were starting to move into the long cold years of discontent with the Labour party that would lead us to Mrs. Thatcher three years later (Avatar Press).” The narrative follows three protagonists (an anonymous everyman, John Dillinger, and Moore), all of which find themselves in nearly the same scenario: taking a brisk, nonchalant stroll through absurdly volatile neighborhoods and venues. Though the pieces may have been constructed at an earlier point in our history, the tone and message still resonates. No matter how obvious the signs of the Doomsday Clock approach, how clear our hand in all of it is, we still choose to stroll towards our end, towards collapse. Some may call these criticisms an area of expertise for Moore, but they are certainly better specified with the hand of JUAN JOSE RYP. His splash pages offer an array of moments, all meant to be lived in fully; a tiny universe in only an inch of the page. Ryp’s level of detail and clarity, met with Moore’s outward gaze and internal rage make for a collaboration meant to be experienced. For those of you who already have your Moore collection started, high on your shelf, you won’t want to miss ALAN MOORE’S ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE!

At long, long, long, long ( you get my point?) last, NEIL GAIMAN‘s fourth issue of THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE is here by VERTIGO COMICS. It’s almost never feels appropriate to talk immediately about Sandman, as the content often reveals itself after about the third or fourth read…and then you have to go back and read the first issues again to make sure you didn’t miss anything…but let’s see what can be teased out. SPOILERS AND THEORY AHEAD: Whenever one attempts to read any SANDMAN story, there are some consistencies that have remained like, fluid storytelling, shifting characters and set pieces, COLORS, and magical elements that are just better off accepted. In short, the pages are filled with uncontained life. But at the close of this issue, I am concerned about two things: 1) What happened to our darling companion, Hope? 2) What will the world of SANDMAN be like from within a black hole?…because, yes, that’s where we’re left at the end. This issue’s close excites me the most, because of the promises it makes in its close. Will the world of SANDMAN explode visually within the event horizon, or be reduced, contained? A number of writer’s and artists are imagining what lies beyond an event horizon: 2001, Interstellar, Superman: Doomed, Cosmos, etc. The dialogue of Black Hole theory is building, becoming popularized again, and can’t think of a better team of collaborators to build visual, conceptual theory than NEIL GAIMAN, J.H. WILLIAMS, and DAVE STEWART. Light and matter are almost unanimously accepted as unable to escape the pull of a dark star, but can a dream? Read issues four and five of SANDMAN: OVERTURE to decide!

Next, we have another exhibition of time and multiverse theory in THE MULTIVERSITY: NEW THUNDERWORLD ADVENTURES by GRANT MORRISON! In this installment of THE MULTIVERSITY, Morrison introduces the concept of the creation of time between two existing timelines, a fairly lofty subject, told through the lens of one of the most light-hearted figures in the DC COMICS Multiverse: Captain Marvel! The argument could be said as DC Comics approaches a more and more serious tone, that a character such as Captain Marvel, a child in a man’s body with the power of the Gods, would not have a place in the tapestry. Yet, Morrison has leaned into this understanding to prove what a number of us have forgotten, that a story with the most child-like sense of play can actually introduce and reinforce current theories, ex. principles of time/space that need a little more accessibility. Taking it a step further, the dastardly Sivana asks the Cap directly, “how can magic ever outwit science?” One would think that Morrison would align himself with a pro-science view, which is still not entirely out of the running when you consider the issues remaining in The Multiversity, but the message seems to be: in the world of comics, magic and science can exist; if comics can model our reality, magic and science can exist in our reality. If you want to remind yourself what good comics can be, don’t miss THE MULTIVERSITY: NEW THUNDERWORLD ADVENTURES!

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Dec 172014

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Dec 152014

1215141653Who doesn’t recall the hardship of Hollywood that was the Writers’ Strike of ’07?

Celebrate that piece of history with our unearthing of the protest art from Mr. Kiyoshi Nakazawa (Drunken Master)!!

@MeltdownComics is selling this throwback art at:






Dec 122014



Throughout the years, comics and cartoons have served as vehicles for social change. Quality art imitates life and sheds light on important issues. Chances are you remember the environmentally charged Captain Planet television show. Yet few remember the Captain Planet comic books.

Captain Planet was a superhero who worked with his crew of Planeteers to help save the planet. The series begins with the planet’s spirit, known as Gaia, being pulled out of its peaceful hibernation by a character named Hoggish Greedly who is drilling for oil. Gaia sends magic rings that control various aspects of the environment to youngsters around the world in an effort to keep the planet’s health intact. These five youths are known as the Planeteers and Captain Planet is their leader.

Issue 3 of the Captain Planet and the Planeteers comic book series begins with Argos Bleak‘s takeover of a toxic missile system. He aims to launch these toxic waste missiles to Washington DC. Argos actually succeeds in capturing Captain Planet and forcing the Planeteers to surrender their rings. Thankfully Ma-Ti comes to the rescue after consulting with Gaia about his suspicion that his powers aren’t up to par compared to the Planeteers. Gaia assures him that his power is primal and has unlimited possibilities. He then taps into his powers to lead animals in a stampede that frees the Planeteers. Ma-Ti then knocks out Argos by using his ring to make him peer into the blackness of his own heart. This knocks Argos unconscious and Ma-Ti passes out from exhaustion.

Issue 8 of Captain Planet and the Planeteers features the story of “Showdown On Hope Island”. It begins with the Planeteers calling upon Captain PINGAS to handle the mischievous Captain Pollution. Yet Captain PINGAS soon find that he can’t defeat Captain Pollution by himself. Each has comparable powers and they battle to a stalemate. Captain PINGAS then ventures back to the rings. Gi, Linka, Wheeler and Kwame join together in unison against Captain Pollution. Ma-Ti makes use of his ring to gauge Captain Pollution’s devastating effects on the planet and proceeds to defeat him with the help of the rings.

The issue also features “Catch A Wave” in which Gaia sends each Planeteer on a vacation. Gi joins a surfing competition in Australia. During the competition, surfers question whether Gi is using her rings to help her succeed. She takes issue with this until her attention shifts to saving the beach from an environmental activist named Marino. He is intent on disrupting the surfing competition in protest of the water’s pollution. He directs the dolphins to help him attack Gi. She becomes trapped in seaweed but eventually the two reach a truce when they discover that some of the dolphins have become trapped on the land away from the water. Marino then holds onto Gi’s ring as she re-enters the surf competition. She proceeds to win without the help of her ring.

Issue 8’s final component is titled “Carbon Copy”. The evil Dr. Blight fires at a DRB Industries building where an environmentally friendly car is on display. Gi and Kwame put out the resulting fire but some flames reach the chemical reserves that explode and produce poisonous fumes. Captain PINGAs hits the scene to save the day. He applies desert sand to the building to eliminate the remaining smoke and fire.

For everything that’s dated and corny about these comics, there is still relevant to modern day attitudes about the importance of being environmentally conscientious. Consumers are, in no small measure, becoming more cautious about their habits and energy usage, and there are more and more companies such as offering alternative energy at reasonable prices. So while there is undoubtedly room for improvement, strides are being made. Captain Planet must, surely, deserve credit for some of that.

Dec 032014

Humans_01_PG_4and5@MeltdownComics welcomes you all to the month of December!

If you’re looking to get the jump early on your stocking stuffers, or locals looking for an excuse to occupy your time in this glorious rain/overcast, this week’s reads are the solution! What’s on the menu: Sons of Panini, double helping of turn-of-the-decade-action, foil-wrapped fist sandwich, with some secret sauce….let’s dig in.

After the execution of a promising first issue, IMAGE COMICS‘ new series THE HUMANS set a kick-ass tone in setting and ensemble; a hairy mix of chopper-riding primates in 70’s California. The first issue withholds the appearance of the protagonist, Johnny, until the last panel. Issue #2 appropriately dives right into Johnny’s introduction, retelling tales of his time in ‘Nam. The narrative all works towards a moment of orgy and drug-induced euphoria, a clever device utilized by writer KEENAN MARSHALL KELLER to make the moderate level of exposition easier to swallow. The story finds a perfect match in TOM NEELY‘s art, with framing and color-palette appropriate to period, yet grabs the eyes right out of your sockets to remind you this isn’t Chekovian impressionism. The best part: they actually drew the line at $2.99, which has become a rarity these days. Bring some edge to your life and ride hard with THE HUMANS #2!

Continuing the thread of 60’s close/70’s beginnings, we bring back the champion of the era. If you think I mean the badass-muthaf*****, otherwise know as SHAFT, then you’re damn right! This return brought to you courtesy of DYNAMITE COMICS! SHAFT has some war stories of his own to tell, against the backdrop of the boxing rackets of the period. Both platforms of exposition were unexpected re-introductions to the character, making it clear that DAVID F. WALKER plans on taking his time before the black private dick who’s a sex-machine with all the chicks takes to the streets. BILQUIS EVELY proves to bring a clear, cinematic eye to the flow of the book, with dynamic set-pieces and gripping flourishes of action. If these two do book-making like SHAFT does lovemaking, cool and slow, then we’re all in for a real treat, so treat yo’self with SHAFT #1!

What closes our double-feature of returning heroes? How about BOOM! STUDIOS‘ revival of a Kurt Russell classic. Oh, you mean BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA? Although, that is in fact for sale and in high demand, this week we’re talking about a different classic, one whose main character inspired the Metal Gear video game series: the 80’s era dystope, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #1! I know what you’re thinking, if he escaped the Hell of New York, where would he flee to? MILD SPOILER: a different Hell…Florida. Now that we’ve Tarantino-ed the issue, let’s fill in the middle. The most important note of the series is hit: action. The creative team of CHRISTOPHER SEBELA and DIEGO BARRETO build an unstoppable force in Snake, filled with many an anonymous bandit disarmed and helicopter taken down. But just when you thought the issue couldn’t get any better, insert a delusional troupe of Satanists/Illuminati peons, whom Snake hitches a ride with, and quickly doesn’t have time to f*** around with. Knock back a shot of non-stop with this issue and grab ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #1!

As for our next hero, his attire might still look like he’s out of the 70’s/80’s but the storytelling is one of the biggest breaths of fresh air in the MARVEL COMICS‘ Universe: the living weapon, IRON FIST! The One-Man-Creative-Army of KAARE KYLE ANDREWS has long deserved the spotlight with his run of IRON FIST, clearly defining all reaches of the title character’s familial backstory, power-source, life-long lessons, and introducing new supporting characters that feel like they’ve been following Iron Fist his whole career. At first glance, the very flow of the issues move like a gathering of Chi, letter-boxes falling into serpentine-sweeps (precisely placed by JOE CARAMANGA), finishing with full page blows-to-the-head! The heart of the story, that beats with subtle ferocity, are the metaphors laden throughout. Issue #7, which kicks off the first part of the “Redemption” story arc, challenges Iron Fist to consider something he’s never needed to before: using tech to fight. That’s right, Iron Fist armors up in the issue as he realizes sometimes we must rely on our inventions to move forward, even if it feels like denying the spirit. Will these new “iron fists” be enough to take down the face of his father, or the steps towards becoming like mech-papa-dearest? Read up on IRON FIST #7 to find out!

Closing this post, we bring you the latest DC COMICS anti-hero-team-up-of-six that must remain a secret. No, I’m not talking about the recent SUICIDE SQUAD casting news from Warner Brothers Entertainment that has the internet exploding with responses! That’s for a later post…I’m talking about the next big group, SECRET SIX #1! For those of you who have some previous knowledge on the rag-tag band of rebels and their various rosters, you will find out who the first six of the New 52 are, but writer GAIL SIMONE will be giving the narrative attention to mostly two members of the six, MILD SPOILER: Catman and Black Alice. Much like the the update received by the INFINITY MAN/FOREVER PEOPLE roster, our Secret (Two) characters receive a well-executed makeover that simultaneously harkens-back and progresses forward. One moment of glorious fan-service comes when the masks of the “Six” are revealed, offering a predestined air of excitement. Find out what the secret is in issue number one of SECRET SIX!

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Nov 272014

STK653569Hello and Happy Gut-About-to-Explode day! Whether you’re gorging on turkey, or a delicious, salty, tofu alternative, let us all take a moment to say “thanks” to those around us, and all we have to be grateful for…maybe throw on some Jerry Garcia while we’re at it!

We here @MeltdownComics are certainly thankful for the roster of talented artists and writers that concentrated their creative energies into tempering tangible entertainment for your holiday weekend. Finales, “throwbacks,” space-EPICS, and supernatural gothic tales!! So, like a large turkey, let us carve up the parts of this robust bounty, and savor each flavor…or some other turkey metaphor…

If we are to understand the these chronicles as the king of large poultry, then consider this book the ever-popular turkey leg: the finale of DARK HORSE COMICS‘ series POP #4. Boy/Girl, did this book shift from biting satire, to poignant testament in just four issues! It seems like just yesterday I was tittering with delight at the sight of a Justin Bieber with no knee-caps. Then comes along issue four to challenge POP’s place within the universe. It could very well be the case that writer CURT PIRES and artist JASON COPLAND weren’t aiming for any homages to WATCHMEN, but for those of us who have studied, be it on our own or in an actual university setting, it’s undeniable the playful similarities this finale shows to some of the iconic scenes and narrative devices in Watchmen. For me, the trajectory of the four-issue arc follows a strong method of getting a point across: introduce, entice, set-up, message. What’s even more satisfying is how oddly Biblical, the framing of the last issue made the whole story. If the issues preceding were to be understood as a genesis of sorts, than it would be easy to assume the last group of newly-freed popstar creations would be starting their own Exodus. Maybe my teasing out more theory is because I believe the book deserves further issues. Don’t miss the conclusion in POP #4!

Now that we’ve devoured our big-ass turkey legs, let us move on to the offbeat, (chewy?) flavor of C.O.W.L. #6 from IMAGE COMICS! For those of you who have been keeping up with this book, you all will remember the dramatic close the first arc came to. With this in mind, I deeply appreciate the choice to make the entirety of the next issue fall into a 50’s era “throwback.” Rather than going the route of giving us character backstory through in-issue flashbacks, the C.O.W.L . creative team leans in and takes an entire issue back, peppering in fake ads, “dirtying” the edges of the paper, and even offering a free coupon to acquiring your own C.O.W.L. patch, and being that I see no disclaimer at the bottom, I would encourage you to send it in and see what happens! Things to look forward to: I loved the introduction to the character named, in such a painfully obvious, yet beautifully way, THE ROBBER! He was certainly fitting as the antagonist in this period of the C.O.W.L. narrative, and I certainly hope we see how the depiction of the Robber fits into the latter years of the story. Take a trip back with C.O.W.L. #6!

We knew it was coming, the biggest, juciest part of the reads, the breast meat: aka ODY-C #1 by MATT FRACTION and CHRISTIAN WARD under the basting of IMAGE COMICS! If it hasn’t set in yet how you pronounce the title (which no one will blame you, except for those who practice license plate deciphering) think of The Odyssey, because that’s the source material we’re pulling from here. “Which part,” you might ask? Well the EIGHT-PAGE FOLDOUT, complete with history timeline on the back, might suggest our hero-writer FRACTION is looking to translate an intimidating majority of the acclaimed epic!! Where do I even begin with this: maps, murals, Goddesses, aero-space lotus controls, and families at ends at the ends of the galaxy! This book is an experience and I encourage you to take the journey! The prophecy leads you to the tale, behold ODY-C #1!

Lastly, the parts we all love, the vital, the disgusting giblets: or better known as GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #1 from the sinister minds of RAY FAWKES and BEN TEMPLESMITH at the DC COMICS clubhouse!! If you can’t get enough of the GOTHAM t.v. series and feel an empty void where SUPERNATURAL used to be, then you would adore their love-child in GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT! The series starts off like most GCPD books, then the darkness slowly sets in and you realize this isn’t just going to be a playful endeavor into the seedy, supernatural side of the historical city of Gotham. The final panel makes you scream “whoh, when did Gotham meet the Blair Witch?!” And as if that wasn’t enough of, note the bottom of the final panel, “Next: Slaughtered Lambs!” What?! Krypto, I don’t think we’re in Gotham anymore! You want something that will scare the pumpkin pie out of you (y’know, because you’re uncomfortably full), then get yourself a copy of GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #1!

There’s your full platter of turkey-comics!!


@MeltdownComics invites you to join us as early as MIDNIGHT TONIGHT when we open our doors for our BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! Yes, we’re open Midnight to Midnight as we celebrate our sales! For those of you that are truly dedicated, you’ll want to take advantage of the big sale: 41% OFF EVERYTHING MELTDOWN from Midnight (tonight) till 10 AM (11/28)!!

For those of you who can’t make it to sunny LA to celebrate with us, keep your eyes out here for the link to our live feed tomorrow when we bring our own Meltdown QVC to you, selling all the nerd-goods you need!

We’re thankful to have you in store! Enjoy your evening and we’ll see you tomorrow/tonight!



Nov 222014


Come meet Writer Kate Leth and Artist Drew Rausch (Edward Scissorhands)|
Saturday, Nov. 29th, 2014 12 – 2pm
Meltdown Comics

7522 Sunset Bl.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90046 (map)

About Kate Leth:
The series writer of the Bravest Warriors comic, as well as the NYT Bestselling Adventure Time: Seeing Red and the upcoming Adventure Time: Bitter Sweets (Nov 5, 2014). Kate wrote a Fraggle Rock miniseries and currently writing Edward Scissorhands. She collaborate with the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. She runs a group online for girls who work in comic shops. Does a biweekly podcast called Less Than Live with Kate or Die and contribute Kate or Die strips to ComicsAlliance every other Monday, though!

About Drew Rausch:
Drew Rausch is co-creator of the subculture hit SULLENGREY (with Jocelyn Gajeway) and tentacled masterpiece ELDRITCH! (with Aaron Alexovich). Proof of his artistry can be also be seen in the pages of Boom Studios’ Cthulhu Tales and Zombie Tales, and SLG’s Haunted Mansion and The Secrets of Sarah Winchester. While waiting for the Elder Gods to rise from the deep, he enjoys classic horror movies (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari being his favorite) and cupcakes. He currently haunts a dusty apartment in Southern California with his bride and 3 cats. He has a new website

About Edward Scissorhands:
The 1990 cult-classic film from auteur Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands ends with the heroine of the story, an aged Kim being asked by her granddaughter, “How do you know he’s still alive?” to which she answers, “I don’t know. Not for sure. But I believe he is.” In the comic book event of fall 2014, IDW Publishing revisits this modern classic two decades after the end of film to finally answer that question.

Kim’s granddaughter, Meg, grows up with Edward Scissorhands only being a legend, a bedtime story. But when weird things start to happen in her sleepy little town, it reawakens her curiously and she decides to search out for the mysterious Edward Scissorhands.”

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Nov 142014

STINCKERS PARTY! An exhibit of over 60 uncut sticker sheets designed by today’s best cartoonists, including the ALL-NEW 15 artist collaboration: FACEGASM!

DECEMBER 05, 2014. 7:30 – 10PM in the Meltdown Gallery, Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics: 7522 Sunset Blvd., L.A., CA 90046

Screen-printed by hand since 2007, Stinckers stickers have improved lives all over the country and around the world! Contributing artists include founders Mats Stromberg, Steven Weissman and a LOT of their friends! Friends like; Johnny Ryan, Pacolli, Box Brown, Craoman, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Benjamin Marra, Jeremy Eaton, Matt Furie, Makkinoso, Alex Schubert, Andrew Goldfarb, Michael Slack, Patrick Kyle, Michael DeForge, Abe Lincoln Jr., Jeff Roysdon, Joven Kerekes, Jordan Crane, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Roman Muradov, Andy Ristaino, Malachi Ward, Ted May, Sammy Harkham, S. Britt, Kent Myers, Scummo, Ryan Cecil Smith, Philippa Rice, Domitille Collardey, David King and Sam Alden.

Every Stincker Ever will be on display, along with selected samples of original art. Contributing artists will be in attendance.

Meltdown Gallery
Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Bl.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90046 (map)

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Nov 142014

MELTDOWNCOUPONFamous Monsters of Filmland is giving Meltdown patrons some love. 15%OFF EVERYTHING over at Enter Coupon Code: MELTDOWNLOVE <- ALL CAPS!!! Coupon valid NOW! thru November 30th,2014.

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