A rundown on Hellboy’s history

 Posted by on December 6, 2016
Dec 062016

2016’s already been a pretty interesting year for Hellboy with two new issues for the Hellboy in Hell series, a few updates in the ongoing B.R.P.D comic saga, and even some online slots games bearing the demon’s name.

And seeing as Mike Mignola’s comic book creation is now a multi-media franchise, it seems like the perfect time to have a look back over how Hellboy became one of our best-loved comic characters.

Mignola created Hellboy in the early 1990s as a demon who’s brought to Earth, but uses his powers for the forces of good in fighting Nazis, Baba Yaga and a range of malevolent foes.

Whilst Hellboy has similarities with the likes of Batman and Wolverine, it’s clear that he’s deeply different from the Marvel and DC Comics pack. That’s why the character found a perfect home alongside the likes of Frank Miller’s Sin City at Dark Horse Comics who, unlike DC Comics, didn’t have a problem with having a character with the word ‘hell’ in his name.

After a string of successful comics and spin-offs, Hellboy came to the attention of visionary film director Guillermo del Toro who created a pair of big budget feature films starring Ron Perlman as the big-hearted demon.

Although Perlman has quashed rumours of a third Hellboy movie, there’s been plenty of other ways for fans to catch up with Mignola’s demonic creation.

Despite middling reviews, the PlayStation and Xbox game, Hellboy: The Science of Evil, benefited from Del Toro and Mignola’s writing skills to deliver a pretty good game, and your favourite slot theme of all-time can be found at Betway whose Hellboy game provides a great casino outing for the character.

There’s also been a couple of great graphic novels released in recent years, and next year will see Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea following up previous successes like 2011’s Hellboy: House of the Living Dead and Hellboy: The Midnight Circus.

All of which have certainly helped the Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola, pick up plenty of awards from the likes of Eagle Comics as he continues in his bid to become one of the world’s favourite comic book creators.

But seeing as Mignola is showing reluctance about providing us with further Hellboy adventures, it looks like those online slots games could be one of our best chances of seeing this famous character in 2017.

Comics heroes as online gaming characters

 Posted by on November 28, 2016
Nov 282016

Comic heroes as online gaming characters are very popular. People already like comic heroes in a lot of other different media. These are characters that have literally succeeded in the original comic books, movies, television, and video games. The fact that many of them would succeed in many different online casino games and online games in general seems to logically follow from what people know about them in general. The Royal Vegas Online Casino and similar websites already have a lot of different games that address really familiar themes. Comic heroes as online gaming characters are going to be very familiar, of course, but they are going to succeed on their own merits beyond name recognition and visual recognition.

Comic heroes as online gaming characters offer the sorts of narratives that people are going to want when it comes to playing their online games. These are already the kinds of games that are going to give people a goal to work towards and a lot of obstacles to face. Embodying a hero in some way really can give people the opportunity to feel more successful immediately, and it puts them into the appropriate mindset for when they are trying to succeed at the games. Comic heroes as online gaming characters can give people confidence, and they can also give people the appropriate framework for when they are doing online gambling at Royal Vegas casino.

Comic heroes as online gaming characters can also just give people a lot of other positive emotions. People often have a certain intrinsic fondness for superhero characters, and many comic heroes are specifically superheroes. Superheroes are characters that manage to strike at the core of what a lot of people care about, giving them the opportunity to live out fantasies that are really compelling for them personally. Superheroes offer pure wish fulfillment, since many people will want to have powers like those. However, they also tend to strike at the desire people have to make a difference in the lives of others and to take control of their own lives. In online gaming, that is what people are trying to do at some level or another. They might be trying to earn money. They might be trying to entertain themselves. However, they are still trying to accomplish something and they are still trying to beat the odds, and there is something dramatic about that in the sense that people are going to try to emulate the characters who might be able to get them through.

There are comic heroes who are not superheroes, and comic fans will want people to acknowledge them. However, many of these characters are not going to lend themselves as well to online gaming, at least in the minds of many of the people who are going to be using the gaming websites. Of course, there are lots of surprises when it comes to online gaming. Comic heroes as online gaming characters hold a lot of possibilities for casino game players in the future.

Nov 272016


Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy has hosted dozens of talented guests–many of whom have produced something perfect for you or someone you know, so we thought it fit the spirit of Thanksgiving to share our 2016 Holiday Buyer’s Guide! It just might help you win the white elephant party this year! Check it out right here on this holiday spectacular episode of Pod Sequnetialism with Matt Kennedy presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Thanksgiving holiday, Londyn had the pleasure of speaking with Athena Finger, the granddaughter of Batman co-creator Bill Finger! Londyn and co-host / producer Mason Booker talk with Athena about her grandfather’s incredible and important contributions to crafting the Bat-Man character with co-creator Bob Kane in 1939, the controversial history and journey of Bill Finger receiving recognition by DC Comics for co-creating this pop culture icon and what future projects are in store to continue celebrating Mr. Finger’s work not just for the Batman mythos but also for the DC Universe. Without Bill Finger’s changes to the original design of Kane’s Bat-Man, to developing mythology such as the Batcave and the Batmobile, to writing his thrilling adventures, we wouldn’t have the Dark Knight we all know and love today. Listen in to Batman history at its finest and a special Thanksgiving surprise on this week’s episode of History of the Batman with Londyn! presented by Meltdown Comics and Collectibles!

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Award winning artist Drew Friedman celebrates the release of More Heroes of the Comics (Fantagraphics) with an onstage interview in the NerdMelt Showroom moderated by writer, journalist, and critic, Benjamin Schwartz, followed by a signing in Meltdown Comics.

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