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Book stores aren’t supposed to exist anymore. Especially independent ones.

The sad truth is that, at one point, Amazon and waning attention spans massacred these outlets, turning customers into e-shoppers and proprietors into paupers. Which is why exceptions have to be exceptional.

Meltdown Comics on Sunset Boulevard is one of those special misfits.

It’s a 10,000 square foot playground offering cartooning and writing classes, open mics, events, shows—the store’s even spawned a network television series starring names even non-geeks recognize. Oh yeah, and the place also sells comics. Tons. Everything from the spandex set to avant garde graphic novels. French, Spanish, Japanese creations, lots of toys, plus books with characters who grapple with love, rejection, and how to pay the rent—issues the store’s 45 year-old bearded Chilean owner has faced repeatedly for the past 26 years.

“I lucked out,” said Gaston Dominguez-Letelier, who opened Meltdown in 1993 with his then-wife Ilia. “I do daily what I love. When I started out, it was scary. Because if I fail, I’m done. So there was no option to fail.” Read the rest of the article here: http://smashd.co/take-a-page-from-meltdown/

#Rebirth; Why? By Matt Orso (@mattorso)

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#Rebirth was the headline of the day last Friday and boy oh boy, did it ever get the wheel bound hamster in my head running.  So yet again after a massive reboot back in 2011 and a soft one last June, here we are again; on the precipice of yet another possible reboot from DC Comics. At least that is what is flowing through the digital rumor-mill. As reported by www.bleedingcool.com, the #rebirth is actually may be a relaunch as opposed to an actual reboot. which if we’re splitting hairs, same difference. This is exactly what happened back in June with DCYOU. The soft reboot/relaunch that followed Convergence quickly petered out and went silently into the night. The burning question here is whether or not a reboot of any kind would be a positive thing.


Firstly, let’s look at the reasons for a re-anything. DC Comics since Convergence back in June has seen their overall sales lower, according to www.comichron.com. Statistics aside the purpose of a reboot is to fix what is not working. Given their whole creativity over continuity mantra, it is small wonder that their sales have reflected the inconsistencies that come with the promise made in those very words.

While creativity is an amazing thing, people are not always so accepting of inconsistencies and change when they are coupled. Not only is it confusing but it also inherently breaks immersion. It still bothers me to see Batman Bruce Wayne in Justice League but then have Jim Gordon in every other book as Batman. While the idea is interesting it still is very jarring. The sad part about it is is that it would be so easy to place a time stamp somewhere on one of the panels which would give so much clarity and resolution to what many fans are dying to know.

Another reason to to rationalize a relaunch or reboot would be to give the above mentioned clarity. While it seems like a solid idea, it can also be viewed as an over complicated answer to a very simple problem. Okay, being honest maybe the problem is not that simple, considering the creative process and the multi-pronged process of making comics, that complicates things. However it does not mean that it is an impossible task. Guys, it’s not rocket science; you’re only building a universe.

When a person sets out to create a world, plot holes happen and it is an editor’s job to patch them up. With the numerous writers, editors and artists dipping their hands in creative crock-pot it is definitely not an easy thing and fans for the most part understand that. To give up every time things get a little messy and throw in the towel is not only insulting to fans but also to the people who put their blood, sweat and ink on those beautifully printed pages. We all know that new #1 issues sell and that is a good thing for all those involved. However to restart or renew inorganically leaving threads of a story hanging and bare is also an all affecting disservice to creators and fans alike.

Now I know that thus far I’ve spoken pretty poorly about the idea of a reboot or relaunch but I think it is fair to say that they come at a hefty price. I do not however think all of them are bad. I honestly Loved the New 52, while that may not be the most popular opinion, across the board, those first six or so issues were generally awesome and consistent. (I said mostly.) In the end the comic gods will decide what to do regardless of what the opinions of the masses are. Let’s just hope that the reasons for this relaunch, if it is in fact that, are the right ones.

Heads up! by Jamie Iovine (@jamie_iovine)

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Dec 282015

As 2015 comes to an end here are a few things to keep an eye on as we enter the brave new world that is 2016.


-Pizza Slime is…well I can’t really tell you what Pizza Slime is because such words escape me, rather it is easier for me to tell you what Pizza Slime Does. Pizza Slime is a fairly new brand based in Los Angeles that specializes in Merch, visuals, original art and whatever they feel like making. They have worked with musicians such as Diplo, and Skrillex and have done visuals for the most recent Spongebob Squarepants Movie. Pizza Slime isn’t really limited, they are just as versed in their merch as they are in their photography. Check out pizzaslime.com and their Instagram @pizzaslime.


-If you don’t know well know you know, the storyline “Vader Down” in the new Star Wars comic series is awesome. Marvel has finally given the Star Wars Universe a more serious tone that still retains the charm we know from a Galaxy Far Far Away. The story arc takes place during the events between the movies A New Hope, and The Empire Strikes Back. Vader Down tells the story of Darth Vader first encountering his supposed son after the destruction of the first Death Star. It’s a fun read if you want to fill in the gaps between movies and Marvel does a great job telling a new story in a tone that’s good for kid and adult readers alike.

-Warm Brew is a rap group based out of Venice Los Angeles that are exactly what you need if you are sitting a beach with a 40 watching the sunset, like you know, everyone does all the time. Well if you aren’t fortunate to be doing that this moment this music will take you there with their old school west coast hip hop sound and hooks that would make Nate Dogg proud. Check them out on Instagram @warmbrew and their new album “Ghetto Beach Boyz” on iTunes.

-The New DLC Legends Pack dropped for WWE 2k16 on both Xbox One and PS4. The already huge roster adds the likes of Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, and Mr. Perfect just to name a few. Definitely a must own for any wrestling fan.


-Speaking of Wrestling. WWE Superstar and member of the incredible trio “The New Day”, Xavier Woods, has a youtube gaming channel online called “UpUpDownDown” and its pretty awesome. Essentially what you get is Xavier woods challenging seemingly the entire WWE roster to various gaming tournaments with multiple games new and old with hilarious end results for the winners and losers. So much content so little time.

#07 – Satine Phoenix

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Meltdown Presents: Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy #07 – Satine Phoenix

As the host of TSR’s Gameschool, and illustrator of New Pretorians, Satine Phoenix is helping change the face of fandom. Satine and Matt talk about kickstarter, long-distance collaboration, and the transition from fangirl to working pro in the male-dominated worlds of comics and gaming.

Produced by Mason Booker.

Engineered by Mason Booker

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Logo design by Joshua Geisler www.selfuno.com.

May 202015


Meltdown Presents:
History of The Batman with Londyn! #001 – Origin of Londyn

History of the Batman relives the defining moments of one of the most iconic figures in comic art and literature. In this episode, Adam from Meltdown Comics sits down with Londyn to discuss her origin story and how she has developed her online presence doing something that she loves: researching and spreading the word about all things Batman. She also gives us a taste about what to expect in future episodes and from the shadows emerge a special guest, Shadow Adam.

Produced and engineered by Mason Booker.

Feb 252014

CaptainAmerica_1Thanks in large part to the so-called “Marvel Cinematic Universe” that has emerged over the last decade or so, comic books are now bigger than anyone could have imagined. The film industry now dictates popular attention as it relates to popular comics that have been around for half a century, and we now see some of our most iconic characters in all different kinds of adaptations and entertainment forums. Consider, for example, the ever-increasing build-up for the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is set for an April release.

Many old-school comic fans would never have believed they’d see Captain America grabbing headlines during the Super Bowl, yet the film studio’s decision to release a thrilling trailer as one of the game’s commercials was one of the most buzzed about events of the night. And that’s only the beginning of the Captain America enthusiasm we’re seeing across entertainment industries.

You can also find Captain America featured prominently at the BetFair poker platform online. This site differentiates itself from some other poker platforms by way of bringing in popular character and fiction themes, and the current promotion headlining the site involves a sort of Captain America mini-game! Similarly, you can find other gaming avenues promoting Captain America, with the most notable examples being multiple games featured in iOS and Android app stores. In fact, there’s a specific “Winter Soldier” gaming app being released in March to coincide with the coming film.

All of this is exciting for a lot of comic book fans, but there are still those among us who prefer an old, classic comic book to a modern gaming adaptation! So for our own form of preparation for the coming Captain America film (which admittedly looks pretty great), here are five of the best Captain America comic book stories ever.

Captain America No More

One of the most famous Captain America sagas out there, it ran from #332-350. Complex listed it as the #1 Captain America story of all time, and frankly it’s hard to argue. Dripping with dramatic intrigue and storyline potential, the core of the story is Red Skull’s determination to take down Captain America, not just in person, but in reputation as well.

Operation Rebirth

A 1995 story written by Mark Waid, this was a particularly interesting story that saw Captain America kept alive by his own nemesis. Red Skull requires Captain America’s help to defeat Adolf Hitler. There’s a nice review of the story at Comics Review.

The Coming Of The Falcon

This story from Captain America #117 (1969) was noted by iFanBoy for its social and cultural significance, and we couldn’t agree more. The story brought the Falcon into the Captain America story as the first mainstream African-American hero, in what was at the time a very bold move from Stan Lee. Additionally, if you’re watching trailers and playing games getting ready for the new film, you may want to read this issue specifically, as the Winter Soldier film will also be introducing the Falcon to the film franchise.

Civil War

Okay, so this is a more modern story, and lots of comic purists would frown upon it for this reason. But the Marvel Civil War (its own series running from 2006-2007) is one of the most compelling stories we’ve seen for Captain America. Basically, the Marvel heroes split against each other over a government act that would force heroes to disclose their identities, with Captain America holding strong to his freedom.

Captain America Comics #1

The debut comic in 1941 still deserves a spot on any list of best Captain America stories, though it’s more the iconic cover than anything else that has stood the test of time. Captain America splayed across the cover punching Hitler in the face (during WWII we might add) was a pretty emphatic beginning.

There have been so many Captain America comics throughout the years that no top five or ten list could be complete. But as we look ahead to the newest film in the modern Captain America cinematic saga, these are some of the best foundation issues to look back on in his comic history.