Sep 192017

Steven T. Seagle is a legendary creator who needs no introduction…but I’m gonna give him one anyway.
In addition to his epic runs on books like Alpha Flight, House of Secrets, Sandman Mystery Theater, Superman, and Uncanny X-Men, Steve is also the co-creator of both Big Hero Six, and—along with his partners at Man Of Action–Ben 10. Seagle joins Eric in the studio this episode to discuss his groundbreaking work, IT’S A BIRD…, a semi-autobiographical graphic novel that chronicles his real-life reluctance to take a gig writing The Man Of Steel. Check it out on this SUPER episode of Superfriends, presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Week’s Guest:

Steven T. Seagle

Twitter: @steventseagle


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Jul 212017

A Superstar LAPD Rookie (Marco Miranda) & his disillusioned Training Officer (Rhonda Riley) discover that a corruption-plagued Justice System and the tightening stranglehold of the Drug Cartel are just the tip of the iceberg when L.A.’s deadliest Urban Legend reveals itself to be very REAL.

All pledged funds will go towards DEATH METAL ZOMBIE COP #1 production costs and backer rewards! If this campaign is successful you will have helped me fully realize the first issue of an ongoing series I can own as a creator! I’m hoping this campaign will generate enough reader interest to allow me to continue this story which I’ve already written 2 story arcs for. If you’ve enjoyed my prior work (MBQ, PEEPO CHOO, ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER, GHOST RACERS) I hope you give DEATH METAL ZOMBIE COP a shot by pledging! You will only be charged if I reach my funding goal, and if that happens, you’re in for a SAVAGE TREAT! Let’s make it HAPPEN!

Risks and challenges

One of the risks of backing a comic book project is: Never getting your comic… That’s not a risk you take with me! I’ve published comics professionally for over 12 years in both the American & Japanese comic book markets without ever missing a production deadline! (Not easy to do, btw!) I’m dying to draw this series, so if it gets funded, rest assured I’ll be ON IT like nobody’s business but my own! I’ve been waiting to tell this story for 5 years now, while I patiently worked full time simultaneously in both the Animation & Comic Book Industries: Designing characters full-time for Nickelodeon’s TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated TV show and co-creating & writing all issues of Marvel’s ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER, Robbie Reyes. I’ve learned a lot on both amazing projects, and now I REALLY want to dedicate all my energy to this story that’s been brewing in me for so many years! I hope I can get all of you as interested in it as I am!

Felipe Smith is an Ohio-born, Buenos Aires-raised Writer/Artist and graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). His comics career began in 2005 with his first 3-volume graphic novel series, MBQ. Upon its completion in 2008, he moved from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan to  publish his second 3-volume graphic novel series, PEEPO CHOO, initially serialized by Kodansha for a Japanese audience and later released in English by Vertical Inc. After working 4 years in the Japanese market, he returned to LA in 2012 to join Nickelodeon’s TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated TV series as a full time character designer. In 2014 Marvel Comics announces him as the writer of monthly ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER and creator of its protagonist, Robbie Reyes. In 2016 Felipe’s co-creation for Marvel crossed over from Publishing to Television with Robbie Reyes’ introduction to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., played by Gabriel Luna on ABC.


Feb 062017

Last week we talked about the new action zine scene, and this week we unleash the power and fury of Fine Art Comics and revisit the Appropriation vs. Parody debate with Dave Baker, host of the It’s Pronounced Zine podcast. Get the lowdown on high concept in this edition of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Week’s Guest:

Dave Baker

TW: @xdavebakerx

It’s Pronounced Zine


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