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Meltdown Presents:
History of The Batman with Londyn! #001 – Origin of Londyn

History of the Batman relives the defining moments of one of the most iconic figures in comic art and literature. In this episode, Adam from Meltdown Comics sits down with Londyn to discuss her origin story and how she has developed her online presence doing something that she loves: researching and spreading the word about all things Batman. She also gives us a taste about what to expect in future episodes and from the shadows emerge a special guest, Shadow Adam.

Produced and engineered by Mason Booker.

Feb 252014

CaptainAmerica_1Thanks in large part to the so-called “Marvel Cinematic Universe” that has emerged over the last decade or so, comic books are now bigger than anyone could have imagined. The film industry now dictates popular attention as it relates to popular comics that have been around for half a century, and we now see some of our most iconic characters in all different kinds of adaptations and entertainment forums. Consider, for example, the ever-increasing build-up for the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is set for an April release.

Many old-school comic fans would never have believed they’d see Captain America grabbing headlines during the Super Bowl, yet the film studio’s decision to release a thrilling trailer as one of the game’s commercials was one of the most buzzed about events of the night. And that’s only the beginning of the Captain America enthusiasm we’re seeing across entertainment industries.

You can also find Captain America featured prominently at the BetFair poker platform online. This site differentiates itself from some other poker platforms by way of bringing in popular character and fiction themes, and the current promotion headlining the site involves a sort of Captain America mini-game! Similarly, you can find other gaming avenues promoting Captain America, with the most notable examples being multiple games featured in iOS and Android app stores. In fact, there’s a specific “Winter Soldier” gaming app being released in March to coincide with the coming film.

All of this is exciting for a lot of comic book fans, but there are still those among us who prefer an old, classic comic book to a modern gaming adaptation! So for our own form of preparation for the coming Captain America film (which admittedly looks pretty great), here are five of the best Captain America comic book stories ever.

Captain America No More

One of the most famous Captain America sagas out there, it ran from #332-350. Complex listed it as the #1 Captain America story of all time, and frankly it’s hard to argue. Dripping with dramatic intrigue and storyline potential, the core of the story is Red Skull’s determination to take down Captain America, not just in person, but in reputation as well.

Operation Rebirth

A 1995 story written by Mark Waid, this was a particularly interesting story that saw Captain America kept alive by his own nemesis. Red Skull requires Captain America’s help to defeat Adolf Hitler. There’s a nice review of the story at Comics Review.

The Coming Of The Falcon

This story from Captain America #117 (1969) was noted by iFanBoy for its social and cultural significance, and we couldn’t agree more. The story brought the Falcon into the Captain America story as the first mainstream African-American hero, in what was at the time a very bold move from Stan Lee. Additionally, if you’re watching trailers and playing games getting ready for the new film, you may want to read this issue specifically, as the Winter Soldier film will also be introducing the Falcon to the film franchise.

Civil War

Okay, so this is a more modern story, and lots of comic purists would frown upon it for this reason. But the Marvel Civil War (its own series running from 2006-2007) is one of the most compelling stories we’ve seen for Captain America. Basically, the Marvel heroes split against each other over a government act that would force heroes to disclose their identities, with Captain America holding strong to his freedom.

Captain America Comics #1

The debut comic in 1941 still deserves a spot on any list of best Captain America stories, though it’s more the iconic cover than anything else that has stood the test of time. Captain America splayed across the cover punching Hitler in the face (during WWII we might add) was a pretty emphatic beginning.

There have been so many Captain America comics throughout the years that no top five or ten list could be complete. But as we look ahead to the newest film in the modern Captain America cinematic saga, these are some of the best foundation issues to look back on in his comic history.

Feb 212014

It’s an age old statement, often exclaimed to the Comic Gods from within a sea of single issues: “I want to read a comic, but I have no idea where to start!”

You’re in luck! @MeltdownComics has shelves full of new titles, and we’re not only talking about the slew of Marvel #1’s released week-to-week.

Image Comics continues to impress with debuts of “Mercenary Sea,” “Fuse,” and the most recent “Undertow,” an Atlantis-meets-the-Matrix epic. How do those two go together? Read up and find out.

Dark Horse‘s “The White Suits” graduates from “Dark Horse Presents” into it’s own gritty title. If you’re a fan of noir and stylish assassins, check this one out!

With a successful @MeltdownComics signing in the bag, Oni Press’ “The Bunker” shook the shelves with a first issue that will literally break your brain (in a good way). Bunker Buzzwords: Future/Past-self, Presidency, Post-apocalypse, friendship!

From IDW, the character that’s permeated nearly every artistic medium and human heart out there, the swolest of the swole: Black Dynamite! Come join Byron Minns, Scott Sanders, and Brian Ash on March 1st, 2014 from 5-8PM @MeltdownComics, and get that #1 signed. Rumor has it Scott Sanders has soul music for us!

Out of the Marvel Comics bunch, “The Punisher” makes his way to sunny LA in his first issue, with a guest appearance from a Danny Trejo look-alike and many of the LA locales you know and love. But why stop there? Issue #2 introduces you to what could be Frank’s new mascot, and a surprise visit from a familiar Marvel villain.

Lastly, but certainly not least, “Black Widow” #1 delivers a rock-solid spy drama, written by the same writer of “The Punisher,” @NathanEdmondson. Want him to sign both those #1’s for you? Join us on March 12th, 2014 from 5:30-8:30PM.

Any of these titles grab your attention? Did you already pick one of them up this week? Let us know in the comments section which #1 titles you thought were the best/show the most promise, and we’ll give that title an in-depth spotlight review.

If you don’t want to miss any of these issues, follow the link to our subscription service below:

Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Blvd. LA, Calif. 90046 (map)

Note: DC Comics, we haven’t forgotten about you. You’ll have your time in the sun.



Sep 252013

Art for when the check comes, Over 50 artists drop the bill at your table.
180 checks just waiting to be picked up.

Check Please! is a book collecting the very best of the Guest Checks art blog. Featuring N8 VanDyke, Matt136, Skinner, Dave Correia, Cody Schibi, Emonic, C.B. Canga, Super Ugly, Dave Dwonch, JoeMur, Robert Bowen, Brian Canio, Cody Vrosh, Greg Hinkle, Brent McHugh, Richard Jule, Nik Burman, Nigel Sussman, Cody Williams, Butch Adams, Josh Ellingson, Ben Walker, Shawn Coss, and Many More…

Welcome to Guest Checks…My name is Super Ugly, I am an artist from the Bay Area. Growing up I would sit around drawing on any scrap of paper and notepad I could find. Before becoming a full time artist, I waited tables and I would find myself doodling on the Guest Checks they gave us to take your order on. Some of my brightest ideas were sketched on a Guest Check. I went to all my friends and gave them some Guest Checks, told them to draw anything they want, no pressure. The response I got was so much more than I expected. What the artists were able to do within the borders of the check was amazing. I have collected my favorites into an 80 page art book.

the Guest Checks blog has been featured on Huffington Post, Laughing Squid, FoodDiggity, Junk Culture and other fine places.

Find out more here ->

Sep 132013

Meltdown’s 20th anniversary is coming up and we’ve decided to make special buttons to commemorate this historic event. We wouldn’t be here without the support of our fabulous, creative customers so we want you to be our designers! All you need to do is download the 1 Inch Template  and start creating.  The only requirement is that you do one of our Meltdown logos in your own style.  We’ll be picking the best 20 to use for the buttons.

Here’s our previous run.

What do you get besides the glory and sense of pride that you have served the Meltdown empire?  Once our secret panel judges picks the top designs, we’ll notify the winners who will get 20 free buttons of their design.  And we’ll put your Facebook, Twitter, web site, blog, etc., information on our website and blast it out via our own social media. GLORY!

Submissions due by Oct. 1st, 2013
Please send all submissions to

#SummahFest is here! RSVP NOW!

 Posted by on July 12, 2013
Jul 122013

summahfest2013Every year, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail throws a party, hosted by Howard Kremer, to honor the amazingness that is summah. That’s not a typo: it’s summah, not summer. Summah is the best version of summer there is, and for the 4th year in a row, it’s also an amazing party. We’ll have water guns, hula hoops, chewing gum, leis, water guns, a DJ, food, booze, and at the end of a sun-soaked day, a comedy show! Best of all, it’s all FREE!
On Saturday, August 10th at 2pm, come and behold the wonders of Summahfest with us.
Summahfest starts at 2pm!
The show will start around 6pm!
Lineup to be announced soon!
You will not be allowed in without RSVP and valid ID! We don’t fuck around.
So RSVP and let’s party.


Jun 042013

Hi, listen to this nice little deal…ready…here we go. Everyone with a ticket or handstamp to a show will receive 10% off all merch that night at Meltdown Comics. Sa-weeeet!


So for instance, buy a ticket to the Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (pictured above) and when you come to the show, you can get 10% off merch at Meltdown Comics. Or maybe you wanna come to Harmontown (pictured below)…same deal!

Eric Idle Harmontown 3

Come to a show, save some money at Meltdown. Tell your friends. Spread the word. Save some coin. Party. On.

For a full listing of shows you can check our show calendar RIGHT HERE.

Mar 052013


Batman 66 Facebook flyer

Step 1: Pow! Take a photo of yourself in your very best pose from The Batman Classic TV Series.

Step 2: Holy Photo Batman! Using Instagram, shoot and share your pic using the hashtag #JunkFoodBatman

Step 3: Submit your photo to Elizabeth at EWhite (at)

Contest ends March 19th at 5pm. Winners will be announced March 20th at 9am. You need to be and Los Angeles resident to win.

Sith Myths

 Posted by on February 27, 2013
Feb 272013

The announcement back in October that Disney was acquiring LucasFilm for a paltry sum of $4 billion dollars was completely drowned out by a collective ‘geek-gasim’ heard around the world following their second surprise of the day. A new hope had sprung to life within us all when the studio dropped the bomb that they plan to continue on with the original “Star Wars” trilogy, starting with Episode VII in 2015. When I first heard that someone other than Lucas would have control of the reins over the project, I have to admit I thought it was some sort of sick twisted early Halloween ‘trick.’ Possibly perpetrated by a group like “Anonymous,” or those Chinese cyber hackers who keep messing with the D.O.J. When reality finally did set in, I (like many of you I’m sure) began to feel equal amounts of excitement and apprehension. I think we’re all still a little scarred and gun shy from the prequel atrocities, am I right? Does meeeza have to explainzza? (Yeah, that’s right. I went there.)


As an avid reader of comics, and Darkhorse’s “Star Wars” titles in particular, my biggest issue with the acquisition and the subsequent revamping of the extended universe is encapsulated in the dilemma of the following question: Does this mean that all the hard work of many gifted graphic artists and writers, who contributed to what was once considered cannon, now null and void? I’m going to have to table that discussion for the time being, definitely a soapbox for another day.

sw4Since the announcement, the internet rumor mill has been working harder than a ‘man-scaping’ wookie, and conjecture is the current name of the game. And speaking of names, the exclusivity for a director shuffled through anyone who has ever had any interest in sci-fi what-so-ever, or has looked through the correct end of a camera. Every movie site was batting around names like; Jon Favreau, to Guillermo del Toro, Christopher Nolan, David Yates, to Zack Snyder, Brad Bird, Mathew Vaughn, Joss Whedon, to the obvious candidate of Lucas’ bestest frenemy Steven Spielberg… you get the idea. Of course we now know that the resuscitator of the “Star Trek” franchise himself, J.J. Abrams (Hey J.J., why no call back for the sequel? I’m so not feeling the love.), is set to direct a script written by Oscar winner Michael Arndt (“Toy Story 3″/”Little Miss Sunshine”). That’s just the beginning though, with casting and major plot points still up in the air –  crazy kooks like Super Shadow are going to continue to litter the web with inaccurate or out-and-out false information leading up to the very first trailer of the film and beyond. So let’s see if we can sift through the endless barrage of “bantha poo-doo” speculation, and separate the Sith Myths from the Force Facts.

Continue reading »

Oct 042012





 Contest Runs Through November 15

In celebration of the 24th season of THE SIMPSONS, FOX is giving fans of the animated series the opportunity to submit their written ideas for the iconic “couch gag” that appears during the opening credits of THE SIMPSONS. One lucky contest winner will have his or her submission brought to life in the season finale episode airing in May of 2013.

Announced last night during the season premiere, fans can submit a description of their couch gag ideas to by Thursday, Nov. 15 at 11:59 PM (ET).

Said Homer Simpson, “We are looking for a brilliant, original way to get my butt on a davenport.”

To watch/share a clip of the contest announcement, click here:

As chosen by THE SIMPSONS producers, up to three finalists’ submissions will be announced in January 2013, and an illustration of each submission will be posted to Fans then will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite finalist. The fan-favorite submission will be animated by THE SIMPSONS animation house Film Roman and debut during the season finale episode in May 2013.

The winner, in addition to having his or her couch gag featured in the season finale episode, will receive a four-day/three-night trip for two to Los Angeles to visit THE SIMPSONS animation studio Film Roman, a coveted seat at a script read with THE SIMPSONS cast and crew, a one-of-a-kind illustration from his/her winning couch gag plus a special prize pack.

There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The submission period began Sept. 30, 2012 and ends Nov. 15, 2012 at 11:59 pm ET. Open to U.S. residents 18+ in compliance with the rules. For additional info on eligibility, submission requirements, judging and complete Official Rules, visit Void in AK, HI and where prohibited. Sponsored by Fox Broadcasting Company.

Tune in next Sunday, Oct. 7 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) for THE SIMPSONS’ 23rd annual “Treehouse of Horror.” In the opening segment of yet another Halloween-themed classic, THE SIMPSONS goes back to ancient times when a Mayan Homer and Marge are witnesses to the prediction by ancient calendar makers that 2012 will be the end of the world. In “The Greatest Story Ever Holed,” the first of three spine-chilling stories, the Springfield Subatomic Supercollider creates a black hole that terrorizes the city, sucking up everything in its path. Then, in “UNnormal Activity” the Simpsons install cameras all over the house when things start to go bump in the night, and Marge discovers it may have to do with an unholy pact she made some years prior. In the final thrilling tale, “Bart & Homer’s Excellent Adventure,” Bart time-travels back to 1974 to buy a comic book at cover price, but inadvertently disrupts Homer and Marge’s courtship and becomes the son of Marge and Artie Ziff (guest voice Jon Lovitz) in present-day Springfield.

THE SIMPSONS is a Gracie Films Production in association with 20th Century Fox Television. James L. Brooks, Matt Groening and Al Jean are the executive producers. Film Roman, a Starz Media Company, is the animation house.Visit THE SIMPSONS website at and “like” the series on Facebook at Follow Homer Simpson @HomerJSimpson and join the conversation at #thesimpsons. Shop THE SIMPSONS at

[EDITOR’S NOTE: For artwork and more information on THE SIMPSONS, please visit

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