Apr 112017

Coming back as a topic for the third (and final?) time Mason and internationally acclaimed artist (and fellow anime “oldtaku”) Luke Chueh sit down to discuss, in depth, the newly released Live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell starring none other than Scarlett Johanssen. Along the way, they talk about their hopes and dreams, disappointments in the film, and bare a little bit of their souls to the world. Check it out all right here on the latest episode of Anime Attic presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Special Guest:

Luke Chueh

@LukeChueh on everything

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Mar 072017

Your Dark Knight archivist Londyn, co-host Mason Booker and Shadow Adam discuss (with TONS of spoilers, listeners beware!) “The LEGO Batman Movie” directed by Chris McKay, which was released in theaters nationwide February 10! Listen in as we talk about the major Bat themes, the fun Easter eggs, how many villains popped up in Gotham City (SO many) and overall how the film beautifully celebrated the almost 78 Years in Batman’s mythology! Tune in to see how many Batarangs out of 10 Londyn gives the latest Batman centric film in this week’s episode! Check it all our right here on this latest episode of History of the Batman with Londyn! Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Jan 282017

Please welcome the latest (and greatest?!) podcast to the Meltdown Podcast Network!!! This Boyce Life with Cupcake Du Jour Presented by Meltdown Comics imported fresh form Canada just for your listening pleasure!!!

This Boyce Life is a Nerdy and Dirty Canadian podcast that highlights the hilarious unfiltered mind of Dave “The Voice” Boyce, a founding member, and head designer of Red Dragon Apparel with Co-Hosts, the angelic Cupcake Du Jour….And The Murmur.

On this week’s episode, Dave breaks down the new Logan Trailer, gives his thoughts on the name of Star Wars Episode 8 “The Last Jedi.” and we got Murmur News. Check it out, subscribe, rate, review and most importantly ENJOY This Boyce Life With Cupcake Du Jour presented by Meltdown Comics!

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