Oct 232017

Warning Explicit!!!

This week in a fit of technological brilliance I am joined by Deranta’ Avaloy! The owner of Avaloy Studios and creator of the Yasuke comic book and animated series! Listen in as we plumb the depths of male fighting fantasy while discussing Street Fighter II the Animated Movie and then marvel as we get side tracked into talking about G.I. Joe and Transformers because the film is just so out there.  Bot then re-group and talk about Deranta’s amazing personal project! All on this long awaited return episode of Anime Attic Presented by Meltdown comics!

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Special Guest:

Deranta’ Avaloy

TW: @avaloystudios

IG: @avaloystudios



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Sep 192017

Steven T. Seagle is a legendary creator who needs no introduction…but I’m gonna give him one anyway.
In addition to his epic runs on books like Alpha Flight, House of Secrets, Sandman Mystery Theater, Superman, and Uncanny X-Men, Steve is also the co-creator of both Big Hero Six, and—along with his partners at Man Of Action–Ben 10. Seagle joins Eric in the studio this episode to discuss his groundbreaking work, IT’S A BIRD…, a semi-autobiographical graphic novel that chronicles his real-life reluctance to take a gig writing The Man Of Steel. Check it out on this SUPER episode of Superfriends, presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Week’s Guest:

Steven T. Seagle

Twitter: @steventseagle

Website: http://manofaction.tv/

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Aug 142017

Dixie AKA Josie Johnson is an ex-stripper, nerd, gamer, wife and cam model. We talk her transition from the pole to a desk job, she and I’s checkered past, the emotional labor of stripping, her finding empowerment through stripping after abusive relationships, our dating/marrying younger men, her plastic surgery and creating boundaries. Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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This Week’s Guest:

Dixie AKA Josie Johnson

IG @Josiethefiend.

And her show’s on Twitch @josiethefeind

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