May 022016


Heroes Haven is set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where scientists are developing a drug — called V-1 — designed to awaken ‘Superhero DNA Code’ in the human body. As V-1 testing commences to enlighten and heal the dregs of LA, the drug begins to ‘synergize,’ awakening gifts like healing, super strength, visions and telekinesis in its subjects.

These gifts, however, come with a price: side effects include madness, acute psychotic episodes, body altering paralysis, degeneration, suicide and insane fits of rage that lead to murders.

In the dark shadows, a secret society is stealing the drug to test on death row inmates and create immortal super soldiers. As the power of this secret society grows, the imminent dangers of tyranny and oppression now face all of mankind. The battle begins to control the drug that will create a new world order.

The only hope to save humanity? The societal outcast test subjects from Heroes Haven who managed to escape the facility and survive the psychotic, emotional and physical altercations, becoming ‘The Awakened Ones.’ It’s up to them to decide if they will ‘Awaken Their Inner Hero’ and fight for the freedom of mankind.

Mario Simone began his writing career on an extensive worldwide expedition, where he hiked through Thailand, Bali, Lombok and the Gigli Islands. He traveled through mystical villages hidden deep within mountains and learned the ancient arts of communication and storytelling. He then hiked the Himalayas through India and Italy, where he slept in dilapidated churches and wrote poetry in attics where famous artists like Michelangelo sculpted. He landed in Spain and then sealed his fate by running with the bulls in Pamplona, vowing that if he can survive this, making movies should be a walk in the park.

Simone founded Gotham City Films in 2009, where he has written and directed awarding-winning films with A-list talent such as Jessica Biel, Slash, Tony Hawk and Hilary Duff.  Simone’s original comic book, Heroes Haven, was published by Gotham City Films and is now available for purchase.

Come by for the signing.
Mario Simone 5/11/7PM
Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Bl. LA, CALIF 90046

Apr 302016

Come spend Free Comic Book Day 2016 at Meltdown Comics with the comic book creators of Bob’s Burgers. Saturday, May 7th from 11am- 2pm meet, Frank Forte, Tom Connor, Justin Hook, Brian Hall, Derek Schroder, Ryan Mattos and Marcelo Benavides.

Free Comic Book Day 2016 at Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Bl. LA, CALIF 90046


Apr 292016

Come hang out with writer Eric Esquivel and artist Sam Spina of Papercutz’s Sanjay and Craig comics! Plus special guest Sanjay and Craig Graphic Novel Artist James Kaminski!


Free Comic Book Day 2016 at Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Bl. LA, CALIF 90046


Apr 282016

Come by say hello, high five, get stuff signed by Heavy Metal, Batman Digital Justice, Epic, Rebel, Eerie, Creepy and so much more… the amazing Pepe Moreno. Free Comic Book Day, Meltdown Comics 11am – 2pm. See you there.


About Pepe Moreno

Pepe Moreno is an accomplished author, artist, designer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in traditional and digital art forms and entertainment media as a whole. He has set trends in the comic book world with his graphic novels and most notably with the first-ever computer generated comic book Batman: Digital Justice, which would become the second most successful book in the fields history. As a pioneer of digital art, Pepe would follow suit at the onset of the video game revolution, originally breaking ground with one of the first ever CD-ROM video games Hellcab. Pepe went on to create the popular game series Beach Head whose brand of titles sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide and was ranked number one arcade game in the US for three years in a row.

Pepe’s more recent pursuits have included the development of an international online self-publishing network for independent authors and publishers alike featuring many top designers and talented artists from around the world.

It is Pepe’s unique brew of expertise and experiences that made him uniquely qualified to take on projects that transcended across mediums and technologies and it is from such unique brew of experiences, creative impatience and integrity that he brings about an art ecstatic that’s uniquely his own, both in content and in form.

You can learn more about Pepe’s work at:

Apr 282016


INFO: Hey Great Job
Hey Great Job is a “a coloring book of affirmations from people more famous than us drawn by someone less talented than you”. This coloring book for adults features portraits of celebrities paired with inspirational quotes. Features Kanye West, Frida Kahlo, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, and MORE!!!
Grab your crayons and come color with us!

INFO: Ben Marazzi
Hey Great Job was created and illustrated by Ben Marazzi. Ben initially planned to pursue an art degree in college, but his advisors suggested English might be a better field for him.  He is currently a project manager and “get sh*t done” guy who works in entertainment and tech in Los Angeles. Apparently everyone was wrong.



About: Stay at Home Scarface: A Coloring & Activity Book for Gangster Parents
Everyone thought Tony Montana died when his mansion was raided, but it takes more than being shot in the back and falling off a balcony to stop ol’ Scarface. So what really happened to Tony? He retired from the drug game and became a stay-at-home dad. Say hello to Tony’s new little friend: His newborn son! In this adult activity storybook, Tony now has mountains of baby powder on his desk, and when he takes someone for a ride, it’s the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. The only thing that gives Tony orders is babies. Babies, you got that?

About: The Devastator
The Devastator is a comedy publisher founded in December 2009 by Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows, two comedy writer-editors from Los Angeles.
Together, they launched The Devastator book series: a geeky full color mix of comics and written satire, featuring writers and artists from The Daily Show, The Onion, Adult Swim and Marvel. The series is distributed around the world and sold in over 35 stores across the United States, UK and Canada.


Sonya Saturday is a Los Angeles-based cartoonist and writer. She uses humor in her work to explore love, sex, gender and politics. Sonya began her indie comics career in 2000 with the adult humor comic strip “Load,” which she wrote and drew weekly for nine years. The Load collection “Why Do You Cry When I’m On Top?” is available from Northwest Press. Her play for high school students, “Don’t Party With My Mom,” is published by Playscripts, Inc.
Sonya has been active with Prism Comics–the LGBTQIA non-profit comics organization–since 2008. She regularly attends comic book conventions throughout Southern California, often appearing on panels relating to queer comics.
Sonya’s most recent book is “The 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates Coloring and ActivityBook.” You can see more of her work at
Book info:
The 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates Coloring and Activity Book is a satirical political work masquerading as a children’s coloring book. This book is over 40 pages of “Conservative fun” for the whole family. It’s filled with creative activities, funny puzzles and respectable portraits of seventeen Republican Presidential candidates–everyone from Ted Cruz to Donald Trump. Thebook even has inspiring quotes from the candidates themselves!