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Apr 132014




A live panel of EPIC PROPORTIONS with Robin McConnell, Brandon Graham plus Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, Love and Rockets cartoonist Jaime Hernandez, Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, and White Clay author (and Adventure Time contributor) Thomas Herpich.

Inkstuds LIVE
Thursday, April 24th, 7pm. Signing after podcast.
Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90046

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Apr 022014



meltdoge_finalMeltdown Comics is releasing a new shirt design at DogeParty West this Friday. Meltdown x x Reddit collab was designed using the original logo by Dan Clowes, but’s Pinguino Kolb gave the alien a doge companion. The first 50 shirts will be the exclusive reddit version. It’ll be sold for $20, but if you buy $20 of merchandise with a cryptocurrency, you get the shirt for FREE! Meltdown hopes to lead the way for retailers by incentivizing their purchases with the new currency.


DogeParty West will be on Friday at 7p at Meltdown Comics - 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046. More details here:

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Apr 012014


March 31, 2014

DogeParty on April 4th, at Hollywood’s fantastic Meltdown Comics

Los Angeles, Calif, March 31, 2014–, a Los Angeles area group that hopes to teach interested parties about crypto currencies, is throwing a DogeParty on April 4th, at Hollywood’s fantastic Meltdown Comics.

DogeParty West is a good opportunity to learn more about the current slate of crypto currencies, setting up your own mining operation and scoring some free pizza. Sounds like a good time to me! is also creating opportunities to sponsor the Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue. Helping dogs is a sure way to get my attention.

Spelunkin is proud to present our first Dogecoin party – April 4, 2014!
Place: Meltdown Comics, located at 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California.
Time: 7-10 pm!
Admission: FREE!

  • Music by DJ Headshot and Carl Schwenk.
  • Featuring LIVE SHIBAS from Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue and Two Dogs Farms!! We’ll be doing a doge contest where you can donate to your favorite dog soon, but if you’d like to send dogecoin to the charities, here are their wallets:
    -Socal Shiba Inu Rescue Doge Account: DTEPzQ8SP6xvPzudh5QNtcuUMrN9WRaUYt
    -Two Dogs Farms Doge Account: DGtdNLjE71CoWyPBHh3YpKhnzFo4ynDwNe
  • Come hang out with fellow doge fans, perhaps even dance with them! Bring a Shiba Inus and have it slathered in coos and joyous pets from strangers or enter it into our DogeDog contest!
  • Speak in simplified sentences all night!
  • Neon Roots is bringing their live cryptocurrency ticker.
  • Jeff Maki is play-testing a game, and Brad Wolf is demoing a doge-funded game.
  • Let’s Be Frank Food Truck will be serving human and doggy treats.
  • Live Reddit -Live streaming via MeltdownTV

Meltdown Comics, located in the heart of Hollywood, California on Sunset Blvd, opened in 1993 and has since become one the most respected comic book stores in the world. Taking a sophisticated approach to merchandise and operations, the 14,000sq/ft giant has garnered a reputation for hosting successful gallery openings, award winning comedy including the @meltdown_show on @ComedyCentral and live shows as well as podcasting events in their collaborative space with @NerdistDotCom, the @NerdMelt Showroom. Meltdown Comics recently made news by being the first brick and mortar comic book store to start accepting BITCOIN and on April 4th, will be first brick and mortar store to accept both BITCOIN and DOGECOIN in Los Angeles.

“Best of LA” LA Weekly, “Best of LA” LA Magazine, “Best Comedy” LA Weekly, “Top 50 things why LA kicks ass?” LA Weekly, “Best Store” Playboy Magazine “top 10 store you must visit before you die” etc… Plus: “Husbands and Knives” 7th episode of The Simpsons’ 19th season. 1st aired on Nov 18, 2007 – Lead segment is based on @MeltdownComics. (Google it.) ‘Nuff Said
# # #
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Francisco Dominguez or Pinguino Kolb at

Download Press Release: DOGEPARTY_WEST_PR

 Facebook Invite



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Mar 212014

Join us for a 20th anniversary Hellboy celebration!
with Creator Mike Mignola,
plus special guests!

Featuring Hellboy samplers, BPRD prints, chocolate Hellboys,
and much MUCH more!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12

melttvCan’t make it? watch it live here
Reddit AMA, Live Stream from event, Famous Monsters Q&A,
chat, plus more

A few 3-D Hellboy-themed chocolates will be available.(Photo: Ryan Brookhart)

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of Mike Mignola‘s first Hellboy comic. Dark Horse is honoring the occasion by declaring March 22 “Hellboy Day” — and at least one aspect of the festivities will taste as sweet as it sounds.

Renowned chocolatier Richard Ruskell has designed a limited-edition series of Hellboy-themed chocolates that will be available at Los Angeles’ official Hellboy Day event (at Meltdown Comics). Afterward, fans can pick ‘em up at the Sweet! Hollywood shop or

As you can see, the bars come in several varieties — I devoured the “Abe Sapien” sea salt and caramel one — and even have space on the back for Mignola to sign. The bars retail for $9.99 each, and a limited edition of 3-D chocolate figures will also be available.

Comics shops around the world will be celebrating Hellboy Day on Saturday. Dark Horse has a list of events, and you should contact your local retailer to find out about any special discounts or promotions.

1920384_10203471507886335_1453917447_nGot some rad Hellboy candies for #Hellboyday made for us by @stickyusa !
Flavors chosen by Mr. Mignola himself! First 100 people get a free bag…


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Mar 202014

Meltdown Comics launches digital video agency MeltdownTV to connect Brands with cultural influencers in the geek space. New vertical led by veteran producer and entrepreneur Justin Sewell.

Director of Digital Content, MeltdownTV

26550_402116702834_868342_n (1)

Justin Sewell brings over 12,000 hours of live streaming experience to MeltdownTV including industry leading  content in the geek space. In addition to bringing to life the feature documentaries People Vs George Lucas, Ringers: Lord of the Fans, StarWait and StarWoids he is the creator and founder of LiningUpTV the first 24-hour live streaming network for Star Wars fans, and runs a profitable YouTube MCN focused on nerd culture with over 30 Million views. The newly created role Director of Digital Content is tasked with developing and monetizing great content for highly targeted audiences. Gaston Dominguez, CEO of Meltdown adds, “Mr. Sewell has proven track record of delivering the audience and revenue through merch and monetization, and we are excited to have him on the MeltdownTV team.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12

MeltdownTV launches in grand fashion Saturday, 22 March 2014 with Hellboy 20th Anniversary event streaming live from inside Meltdown Comics Hollywood and featuring creator Mike Mignola with special guests.

Meltdown Digital launches with an impressive slate of content partners including Sweet! Hollywood, noted DC and  BOOM! art instructors, XSN the first online-only shopping network for nerd culture, Famous Monsters magazine, and a stable of TV producers and talent from Food Network, Comedy Central, TBS, SyFy and more.

Business and content inquiries

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Mar 172014
Mike Mignola at Meltdown Comics for Hellboy Day
Join us for a 20th anniversary Hellboy celebration! Creator Mike Mignola will be here, plus special guests!
Featuring Hellboy samplers, BPRD prints, chocolate Hellboys, and much MUCH more!!

March 22 marks the twentieth anniversary of Mike Mignola’s career-defining release of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1. After the character’s somewhat humble beginnings in an eight-page feature in Dark Horse’s San Diego Comic-Con Comics special, Seed of Destruction would begin the long life of the beloved “beast of the apocalypse.”

In December, Dark Horse announced March 22, 2014, would be Hellboy Day, with events happening in comic shops around the world!
In addition to a slew of exclusive giveaways, Dark Horse has produced an all-new sampler comic featuring two classic Mignola tales, “The Ghoul” and “Another Day at the Office,” as well as two new stories by Mignola, Fábio Moon, and R. Sikoryak!

Look for the Hellboy: The First 20 Years hardcover collection, on sale in comic shops everywhere on March 19! This deluxe oversized hardcover presents Mignola’s favorite covers and illustrations in gallery style, from his first drawing of Hellboy through twenty years of publishing.

HELLBOY DAY — Saturday, March 22, 2014
Mike Mignola—Meltdown Comics—Los Angeles, CA
2 p.m. Meltdown Comics
Facebook Event Page:
Read more in the latest copy of Famous Monsters #273, featuring an interview with Mike Mignola by our own Meltdown Holly!available at ONLY at Meltdown Comics. (for now)
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Mar 032014

Join us for a 20th anniversary Hellboy celebration!
Creator Mike Mignola will be here, plus special guests!

Featuring Hellboy samplers, BPRD prints, chocolate Hellboys, and much MUCH more!!

Hellboy Day

March 22nd, 2014 2pm

Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90046

Facebook Event

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Feb 262014


An art exhibition celebrating the cinema and works of Wes Andersoncurated by Nico Colaleo March 8th through March 15th at Meltdown Comics!

Let’s get into it! The Wes Andershow is an artistic celebration of the prolific filmmaker’s movies, characters and works, brought to you by over 75 talented artists from around the industry. You are coordially welcomed to join us for the opening reception at Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics (7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles) from 7pm-10pm, Saturday, March 8, 2014!

Enjoy free beer and wine, along with Wes Anderson-themed entertainment, decor, and photo-ready backdrops! If you’ve got some lightning in you, or even if you’ve just always wanted to be a Tenenbaum, then you’re not going to want to miss this fantastic evening.

Featuring work by:
Kelsy Abbott, Natasha Allegri, Benjamin Anders, Whitney Avalon, Eric Bauza, Noel Belknap, Brandon Bird, Jessica Borutski, Matt Brailey, Emily Brundige, Kaitlin Callahan, Tony Christopherson, Daisy Church, Jenny Colaleo, Nico Colaleo, Kimmy Corday, Alexandra Coward, Nick Cross, Cheyenne Curtis, Jack Cusumano, Zan Czyzewski, Matt Danner, Shawn Dickinson, Becky Dreistadt, Brianne Drouhard, Julianne Eckert, Kate Freund, Andrea Gerstmann, James P. Gibson, J.R. Goldberg, Jessie Greenberg, Gina Gress, Cassia Harries, Geneva Hodgson, Chett Hoffman, Robert Iza, Josh Karp, LM Knight, Danielle N. Kramer, Molly Bates Johnson, Kevin Sukho Lee,, Joanna Leitch,, Lindsey Lydecker,, Frank Macchia,, Amber McCall,, Kali Meadows, Marlo Meekins, Zoe Moss, Daron Nefcy, Brent Noll, Dan O’Connor, Damon O’Keefe, Sarah Oleksyk, Rocky Olivares, Kent Osborne, Hannah Nance Partlow, Sara Pocock, Julia Prescott, Katie Rice, Andy Ristaino, Sandra Rivas, Willy Roberts, Deanna Rooney, Austin Salmi, Jon Sch-nepp, Katie Shanahan, David Smith, Matt Taylor, Thom Foolery, Arica Tuesday, Julia Vickerman, Carly Wagner, Pendelton Ward, Luke Weber, Jason Whetzell and Jeremy Woichihosky.

About Meltdown Comics
Meltdown Comics (, located in the heart of Hollywood, California on Sunset Blvd, opened in 1993 and has since become one of the most respected comic book stores in the world. Taking a sophisticated approach to merchandise and operations, the 14,000sq/ft giant has gamered a reputation for hosting successful gallery openings, award-winning comedy and live shows as well as podcasting events in the NerdMelt ( Showroom. Meltdown is a must-see pop culture destination in Los Angeles. Do stop by at 7522 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90046.

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