Oct 282012

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Chris Hardwick presents…. well, something different after the “NerdTerns” crew eff up what was going to be the seventh episode of their monumental web series. So, here goes nothing….

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Oct 202012

The Nerdist’s favorite 10-year-old in the whole world (aka Gil of The Mutant Season Podcast) drops by tomorrow’s all-new episode of NerdTerns!
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Jul 172012

BOOZE CRUISE is in 3 DAYS!!! Don’t miss out on all the thigh slapping fun! Featuring: JOHNNY PEMBERTON, RICKY CARMONA, TYLER GREENE, THE DOORKNOCKERS and HORSE COCK with videos by WOMEN and THE BIRTHDAY BOYS! And don’t forget the best part, it’s FREE-ZIES!


Written & Produced by NerdMelt’s own Aaron Baker, Brad Gage, Danielle N. Kramer & Drew Spears.

Jul 052012

Authentic Los Angeles is a documentary series that explores and celebrates both Los Angeles heritage and appreciation for craftsmanship. Each film subject, whether an individual or institution, is chosen because they have perfected their specialty the old school way: putting in the time and hard work for the long haul. In short, they are dedicated to the authenticity of their product and their legacy. This project is curated by Jessica Gao and Gaston Dominguez-Letelier, both of whom immigrated from foreign countries but were raised in and around L.A.

Directed by: Rocío Mesa

Producers: Jessica Gao, Gaston Dominguez-Letelier

Director Photography: Steven Soria
Editors: Dario Garcia, Rocío Mesa
Sound: Anthony Trujillo, Camera Assistant, Robert Moreno

Starring: The Shoemaker Raúl Ojeda
Willie’s and Don Ville workers, Salvador Castillo, Erick Castro, Herver Castro, John Collins Armando Dominguez, Victor Ojeda, Kazuaki Oyakawa

Band: Gaforic Explosion
-Tabla de sol
– Blue moon special
– Dudas de Marcos
Composer: Jose Maria Rubio
(All music used with permission)

“Authentic Los Angeles” curated by Jessica Gao and Gaston Dominguez-Letelier
Filmed on location around Los Angeles, California 2012

Previous in the series:
“Authentic Los Angeles: Almon Loos, The Rocking Barber”