Nov 152015
#16: Disney Princesses: Kind, Beautiful and Dangerous?

Meltdown Presents: The Disney Click: #16: Disney Princesses: Kind, Beautiful and Dangerous? Disney princesses deliver little girls everywhere “happily ever after” dreams, but many parents feel they are really poor role models. Join Rick and Briers in this heated debate about the role Disney princesses have in childhood and in broader culture.  Also, on the […]

Eats and Geeks Ep5 – Hunger Games Stew

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Nov 152015
Eats and Geeks Ep5 - Hunger Games Stew

On today’s episode I showed how to make Lamb and Plum Stew inspired from The Hunger Games Series! I love cooking, baking and, of course, all things geeky so I really enjoy combining those passions into one! If you enjoy my videos check out the links below and leave a comment if you want to […]

#05 – Comic Books as Pop Art

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Nov 152015
#05 - Comic Books as Pop Art

Meltdown Presents: Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy #05 – Comic Books as Pop Art Pop Art masterpieces by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein routinely sell for tens of millions of dollars, but the artists who inspired those appropriations often died in poverty. In-house producer and audio engineer Mason Booker joins Matt in a discussion about […]

Nov 142015
MeltCast 3.0 #38: Dave Baker & Nicole Goux!

We talk to the incredible team behind Fuck Off Squad, Dave Baker & Nicole Goux! We talk about a lot of things! Like James Bond, working as a team, Tucson and why Las Vegas sucks! Theme by Noah Guevara Follow us @MeltCast and Like us on Facebook! You can also follow us @aristacos, @iam_DVDM, @janettequevedo […]

Nov 122015
MeltCast 3.0: The Grant Morrison Interview!

This is just the interview portion from our last episode with Grant Morrison! So now you can come back and enjoy without having to listen to our foolish ramblings (though we appreciate your listens! ) FEEL FREE TO USE THIS INTERVIEW ON YOUR OWN PODCAST/WEBSITE BUT CREDIT MELTCAST 3.0! Follow us @MeltCast and Like us […]

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Nov 112015

Meltdown Presents: History of The Batman with Londyn! #025 – Ranker’s Top Ten Best Batman Costumes: One of the most well known aspects of Batman’s past 76 years in DC Comics is the Batsuit. From the utility belt to the Bat emblem on his chest, Batman’s costume has been a creators’ playground to create their […]

#15: Holidays Disney Style

 Posted by on November 8, 2015
Nov 082015
#15: Holidays Disney Style

Meltdown Presents: The Disney Click #15: Holidays Disney Style Happy Holidays everyone! ‘Tis the season to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in the Disney world (and land). We explore attraction overlays, seasonal food specials and the beautiful decorations. Whether you’re planning a visit or just love the season, this is the episode […]

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Nov 072015

Meltdown Presents: Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy #04 – Sexism and Diversity in Comics Building on the previous theme, Matt tackles the possibility that lack of diversity in comics may be the cause of dwindling circulation when compared to the sales boost in young adult novel sales, which are inherently more inclusive. Considering current ethnic demographics, […]

Nov 072015
Dobby's Sock Drive at Meltdown Comics. Help support The Midnight Mission (@MidniteMission). Make a donation and save 10% off your Meltdown Comics’ purchase.

Dobby Needs Your Socks! As you know, the LADA has partnered with the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles to collect warm socks as they are a much needed item for the homeless population during the cold season. We’ve collected a box full of socks at Comikaze over Halloween Weekend but we need more!  Bring your […]

Nov 072015

Our pals Jon Schnepp and Holly Payne have THE MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY OF 2015: The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened? available for you to watch on Showtime or support independent filmmakers by buying a copy here. The documentary looks at the story behind Superman Lives, a film that was cancelled only three weeks before […]