May 162015

Today we filmed within our mother-ship of Meltdown Comics on Sunset in Los Angeles. We kick off the show today talking about a heavily debated topic….Batman’s voice. Then we get into our brand new segment, The Tech Minute with Silly Valley! We highlight a few choice nugs in our indy comic section: X-Files Season 10 […]

May 142015
Meltdown University Has Two Classes Coming Up!

Hail and Hello, Meltdown-o-philes, There are two classes upcoming from Meltdown University so take note!  The first is the next session of our flagship, soup-to-nuts, you-can’t-find-it-anywhere-else Creating Comics class.  In this 14-week series, you’ll learn every thing you need to know to make your own comics.  The class covers writing and story structure, visual storytelling, panel […]

May 112015
ZineMelt 3!

ZineMelt is Back! And this time its FREE! Yes, this ZineMelt is totally free to table! ZineMelt, for the unfamiliar, is Meltdown’s bimonthly comic and zine fair held at the store. Totally free to attend, now free to table! Come down and support independant artists! Email for info on tabling (limited spaces) or any […]

May 112015
Avengers Refresher

The Avengers: Age of Ultron took home a whopping $187 million in its opening weekend, and is still dominating the box office charts in its second week. Part of the appeal is the way that Marvel has built their universe, but it can be frustrating to feel left out because you missed a reference to […]