Dec 022017
#097: Tom Franck: Comics on Comics @jmachinder @PodSeq #podcast

Tom Franck is a world authority on giant robots. He’s also written several optioned screenplays and toured the country as a stand-up comic. Tom & Matt discuss everything from Sexual Harrassment in Hollywood, to father-daughter art projects on this epic 90 minute episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy Presented by Meltdown Comics. Apple Podcasts Google Play […]

Nov 272017
#23: Lauren Rantala (Interview) @laurenrantala @KaseyKoop #podcast

Lauren Rantala is a producer at Super Deluxe, comedian and writer whose show, “Tiffany the Teenage Grim Reaper” won Best Animated Project at the NY TV & Film Festival. We talk being the black sheep in religious, conservative towns, male teachers’ inappropriate behavior, abstinence-only sex ed., the incident that made her quit music, freeze-and-appease and […]

Nov 272017
This Saturday, 12/02/2017 at Meltdown Comics: The Art of Thor Ragnarok Panel and Signing

Join us Saturday 12/02/2017 at 2PM for a special panel and signing with concept artists of Thor Ragnarok. Meet, greet, ask questions and get stuff signed by Eleni Roussos, Andy Park, Jackson Sze, Anthony Francisco, Tully Summers and Ian Joyner. Eleni Roussos: Eleni Roussos – Writer Eleni Roussos is a self-proclaimed nerd. After working […]