Feb 142017
#139: This Boyce Life Podcast @thisboycelife @cupcakedujour @murmur604 #podcast

TBL Episode 139. Mark is back with the Murmur Minute. Social media, slipping one by the goalie, Donald Trump, Snowmageddon 3 and much much more on this weeks episode of This Boyce Life. Enjoy This Boyce Life With Cupcake Du Jour presented by Meltdown Comics! iTunes (Subscribe) RSS (Subscribe) Download Follow the show on social […]

Feb 142017
V0L. 2-27: OJ Simpson vs. Conan @battlecastshow #podcast #Battlecastshow

Two of the most relevant figures in 2017 pop culture here on this one. It’s buff n bronze boy Conan vs convicted butthead OJ Simpson aka THE JUICE. If the glove doesn’t battle then you must cast. iTunes (Subscribe) Download Warning: Andy the relationship guru. <3 <3 <3 Thanks for listening, thanks for telling a friend, […]

Feb 132017
MeltCast 3.0 #86: The Return of Kris Saldana!

Derrick couldn’t make it this week so Aristotle called upon Kris Saldana to come back and talk some nerdy news! Follow us @MeltCast and Like us on Facebook! You can also follow us @aristacos and @vandermillennia!

Feb 122017
#21 What a Girl Wants (With Comedian Steph Barkley) @barkleysteph @kindadating #podcast

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We’re just SO hard to understand. Well, comedian, actress, social influencer Steph Barkley and host Natasha Chandel are about to make your life easier by breaking down what a woman is really looking for in a man and from a man! Is it unattainable perfection? What one […]

Feb 112017
#24 - State of the Hip Hop Union (Brando Rants) @somehiphopshit #podcast

Brando Calrissan rants include Kanye’s Trump card,  Vic Mensa, the Migos, and Chance the rapper. iTunes (Subscribe) Google Play (Subscribe) Download Vic Mensa is hope.  https://soundcloud.com/vicsavemoney T-shirts: https://www.teepublic.com/user/meltdownnetwork Follow Us: Yeah. We str8 IG: @onsomehiphopshit Tweet to us @ our brand new handle @somehiphopshit. produced by B. Schultz of Street Legends Ink and Mason Booker. […]