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Sep 232015


Meltdown University is expanding!  We’re doubling the amount of classes we have, offering brand new ones on making comics and on creating art.  We have detailed descriptions on the Meltdown University web page at this LINK.  See below for a list of what’s coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Watercolor Painting starts next Monday, September 28  at 7pm.  It’s an eight-week class that will give you all the basics skills to do your own paintings in this fast-finishing medium.  Taught by comics editor and illustrator Suzannah Rowntree.

Photoshop Basics for Comics starts a week from Thursday on October 1 at 7pm.  In this eight-week series, you’ll learn specific Photoshop techniques that will help you to make comics whether you’re looking to do original art digitally, tweak and correct your art, color it letter it, or any other thing to make the work better.  Taught by graphic designer and ComicsFix chief Felix Kiner.

Writing Longform Comics starts Tuesday, October 6 at 7pm.  In this eight-week class, you’ll get instruction and guidance on writing a comic book series or a graphic novel.  Students will finish the class with a detailed outline, some script pages, and a completed pitch.  Taught by former DC Comics editor, long-time comics professor, and Meltdown U Program Director Jim Higgins.

The No-Failure-Anything-Could-Happen Class On Marketing And Promotion is certainly the class with the best title.  It’s also a series where you’ll learn techniques, tips, and solid strategies for promoting whatever creative project you might have.  It’s a six-week series that starts on Friday, October 9 at 7pm.  It’s taught by bestselling cartoonist C.W. Moss.

AND DON’T FORGET these classes, which you can sign up for on the Melt U web page:

This Friday, The Kids Make Zines class starts again for ages 7-12.  The class begins at 4pm.

The next Creating Comics class, where writers learn to script a short comic and artists learn to write and draw a minicomic, starts on Saturday, October 24 at 2pm.

The Drawing Comics for Kids class is ongoing so you can join any time (if you’re between the ages of 7 and 12!).  It meets on Thursdays from 4-6pm.

Drawing Basics teaches you fundamentals like anatomy, perspective, composition, and more.  It starts on October 24 at 11:30am.

Start this back-to-school season by treating yourself to instruction in how to make art or comics here at ever-growing Meltdown U!

May 142015


Hail and Hello, Meltdown-o-philes,

There are two classes upcoming from Meltdown University so take note!  The first is the next session of our flagship, soup-to-nuts, you-can’t-find-it-anywhere-else Creating Comics class.  In this 14-week series, you’ll learn every thing you need to know to make your own comics.  The class covers writing and story structure, visual storytelling, panel layouts and page design, and more.

We take both writers and artists.  The artists will write and draw their own 8 to 10-page comic.  The writers will do a 15-page comics script.  You’ll learn about how to print your comic, where to sell it, how to find distributors, and the writers will learn about where to find a good artist for their story.

The class starts on Wednesday, May 20 at 7pm so sign up now before it fills up!


We’ve just brought back a class we ran years ago but in a shorter and more condensed form.  It’s called Drawing Basics and that just about describes what it’s all about.  In this five-week series, you’ll learn the fundamental skills for drawing.  The class will cover anatomy, composition, perspective, light and shadow, rendering techniques, and more.  If you’ve been drawing for a while but want some formal instruction in these areas, or even if you’re a beginner, this class is for you.

The class starts Saturday, June 6 at 11:30am.  Sign up now!!

And here’s the link to the Meltdown University page with detailed descriptions and the forms to sign up for classes:


Apr 142015


Our class on inking and ink drawing for comics starts THIS Saturday.  The class goes from 11:30am to 2pm and meets for 6 weeks.  Learn the skills you need to take those loose sketchy drawings you have and make them look sharp and professional and ready for reproduction.  You’ll learn to work with brushes, dip pens, markers, and more.  It’s just $30 a session.  The class is taught by Melt U Program Director, former DC Comics staffer, CalArts, UCLA Extension, and Otis College instructor Jim Higgins.  Sign up before the class fills up!!

Click the link for more information and to sign up.  You’ll get an e-mail with a list of the supplies you’ll need.





Mar 242015


The Art of Inking is a class where you’ll learn to ink black and white line art like the comics pros and great illustrators.  We’ll go over all different methods of inking on paper using brushes, dip pens, disposable ink pens, brush pens, and even getting special effects using things like sponges (!)  Different styles of inking by master artists will be analyzed and taught.  There will be some homework, but a lot of the work will be done in the sessions where the students can learn from and help each other.

The class will be taught by me, Jim Higgins.  I’ve been working in the comics business for a million over 20 years.  I’ve been an editor at DC Comics, have a small indie comics publishing company (called New Suit), and have taught comics for 16 years at places like The School of Visual Arts in NYC, CalArts, Otis College of Art and Design, UCLA Extension, and here at Melt U.

The start date is Saturday, April 21 from 11:30am to 2:00pm. The series runs for six weeks at Meltdown Comics.  For more information click the link and scroll down to “The Art of Inking.”


Mar 192015


It’s happening again!  Meltdown University’s flagship class, Creating Comics, is starting a new series on Saturday, March 28 at 2pm.  This is where all you burgeoning comics writers can come and learn about about story structure, how to do a comics script, and how to find and work with an artist.  Budding comics artists learn story structure, get tips on how to improve their art, and learn visual storytelling techniques that will allow them to draw a story that’s dramatic and that makes sense from panel to panel.

All of this happens in a collaborative environment where good discussion is encouraged as is honest criticism (though ripping other classmates to shreds is discouraged).  The class runs for 14 weeks and is taught by me, Jim Higgins. I’m a comics writer, editor, and college professor and have taught comics classes at The School of Visual Arts in NYC and at CalArts and Otis College of Art and Design here in LA.  I was an editor at DC Comics for six years and am the editor and publisher at my own small (really small) independent comics company, New Suit.

Join up now before you forget — you know how easily you’re distracted by Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or video games or Candy Crush Saga (no, I don’t want to play) or reruns of Family guy, or…

Go to the link below for more information and to sign up!