Dec 032017
#19: JUSTICE LEAGUE FILM (with Gary Rolin) @otherpalspod @ericmesquivel #podcast

Hold on to your mother boxes, mother&$#@ers! SUPERMAN’S OTHER PALS’ Gary Rolin joins Eric in the studio to dissect the Justice League film! Because Superman is in it! And so are a bunch of Jimmy Olsen characters, like Steppenwolf, Darkseid (kinda) and The Parademons! This episode, like every episode, is presented by our superpowered allies […]

Dec 022017
#097: Tom Franck: Comics on Comics @jmachinder @PodSeq #podcast

Tom Franck is a world authority on giant robots. He’s also written several optioned screenplays and toured the country as a stand-up comic. Tom & Matt discuss everything from Sexual Harrassment in Hollywood, to father-daughter art projects on this epic 90 minute episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy Presented by Meltdown Comics. Apple Podcasts Google Play […]

Nov 272017
#23: Lauren Rantala (Interview) @laurenrantala @KaseyKoop #podcast

Lauren Rantala is a producer at Super Deluxe, comedian and writer whose show, “Tiffany the Teenage Grim Reaper” won Best Animated Project at the NY TV & Film Festival. We talk being the black sheep in religious, conservative towns, male teachers’ inappropriate behavior, abstinence-only sex ed., the incident that made her quit music, freeze-and-appease and […]