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The interest and demand for superhero stories in movies and TV is only increasing.  As I write this, the show No Ordinary Family is on ABC which is about a family of superheroes, Stan Lee is putting together a super-web series that they plan to bring to TV, and people are buzzing in anticipation about the Green Lantern, Thor, and Avengers movies.  Not to mention, the recent Spider-man, Brave and the Bold, Iron Man, Avengers, and Marvel Superheroes cartoons. Superheroes are all the rage.

Come to this special one-day Meltdown University workshop, Screenwriting and Superheroes, and learn how to write your own original script with super people, or know what to do when you get that job writing for an existing character.  For budding scriptwriters and pros alike!

This workshop is being taught by Jim Higgins, formerly of DC Comics editorial, who has 17 years in the comic book business and years of teaching experience at places like CalArts, Otis College of Art and Design, and The School of Visual Arts Cartooning program.

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Let Them Eat Cake!

Comedy Meltdown » LOST Frame 4 revealed. DHARMA CHEFS SERVE UP CRUMBS!

Aug 162009

DJ_AM TONIGHT! Dharma Initiative presents BANANA SPLIT @ Bardot w/ @DJ_AM, @SteveAoki @Catchdini & @TheeMikeB. RSVP at http://bit.ly/DLJDv
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BPM Magazine — Music: Tech: Life: Style – » BPM Magazine, Dim Mak, and The Cobra Snake – Banana Split

Aug 032009

So we just got blessed with a Paul Scheer Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered, Giclee Print of this famed Velvet Painted image! Damon Carlton And A Polar Bear.

The artist Paul Scheer, who spoke his peace at the SDCC LOST PANEL. (Do your self a favor and look it up, then Wiki the guy.) will be auctioning his LOST-Theme Velvet Paintings from his website August 15th! Cue up now.

The letter attached was hand written with the determination of a man that has had a blast of the good old lucidity inspired by the quotation below.

” I have looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful” – John Locke.

If this major talent still has any of the LOST Velvet Paintings closer to the premier of  S6. I would say that Meltdown would be Keen to offer him a week long Solo Gallery Exhibition!

Comedy Meltdown » FOUR TOES: Damon Carlton And A Polar Bear | Meltdown Comics and Collectibles’ Blog

FOUR TOES: Damon Carlton And A Polar Bear

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Image via: Damon Carlton And A Polar Bear