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Rocio Mesa is a journalist, like Clark Kent. She wears glasses, like clark Kent. But she is not threaten by Kryptonite. Her parents found her in a remote village in Granada, Spain. She was raised as an ordinary girl, but at the age of 27 she moved to Los Angeles to live the supernatural adventure she was meant to. While she is not saving the City of Angels from crime, she makes documentaries and works at Meltdown Comics learning from others superheroes.


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Favorite comics:

-Jimmy Corrigan the smartest kid on earth (Chirs Ware)

-Ghost World (Daniel clowes)

-Black Hole (Charles Burns)

-Summer Blonde (Adrian Tomine)

-Watchmen (Alan Moore)

Nov 102009

Alan Moore To Write Rock Opera For ‘Gorillaz’ Duo.
Alan Moore

Legendary comic book writer Alan Moore is set to write the lyrics for the next opera by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, the duo behind the popular “The Gorillaz” virtual band.

In an interview with Mustard Magazine, Moore stated “[Albarn and Hewlett] came down to Northampton last week because we’re planning for me to do the libretto on their next opera.” Albarn and Hewlett’s previous “circus opera” was “Monkey: Journey to the West” which received critical acclaim in 2007 and led to a series of animated promos for the 2008 Olympics on BBC.

Moore also revealed that Albarn and Hewlett will be contributing to “Dodgem Logic”, a bi-monthly underground magazine founded by Moore that will debut later this month in the United Kingdom.

“[For the third issue] we’ve hopefully got [The Gorillaz] onboard,” Moore said. “Being an opportunist, I asked them if they’d be prepared to contribute some pages to ‘Dodgem Logic.’ Rather than just doing an interview, I thought it would be interesting to hand over a few pages for them to curate.”

“Dodgem Logic” is Moore’s self-described “fanzine” that harkens back to some of his earliest work in the British comic press before he became known for several seminal comics including “Watchmen”, “V For Vendetta” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.”

The most recent volume of “League of Extraordinary Gentleman”—released earlier this year by Top Shelf—featured a sampling of Moore’s lyrics in songs inspired by “The Threepenny Opera.”

Earlier this week, musician Jeymes Samuel hinted that Albarn and Hewlett are also working on the long awaited “Gorillaz” animated feature film.

Nov 052009

Barack Obama Names Alan Moore Official White House Biographer | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

WASHINGTON—At a press conference Monday, President Obama announced that he had appointed legendary comic book writer Alan Moore as the official biographer of his time in the White House. “As evidenced by his epic run on Swamp Thing #21–64, Moore’s deft hand with both sociopolitical commentary and metaphysical violence makes him an ideal choice to chronicle my time in office,” Obama said of the author of Watchmen and From Hell, whom he reportedly chose over others on a short list of potential biographers that included Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, and Bob Woodward. “I look forward to seeing the kinds of subplots he will surely weave throughout the main narrative of my presidency, and how he’ll tie them all back together at the end in a way that just elevates the thing to a whole other level. God, that guy is the master.” Although Obama has not yet settled on a publisher for his White House biography, he is reportedly leaning toward DC’s Vertigo imprint for its creator-friendly ethos, high production values, and willingness to publish content for mature readers.

Nov 052009

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, and the inspiration for ‘V For Vendetta’ – ComicMix news.
V for Vendetta available at Meltdown/Sunset Blvd & mini Melt too/Eagle Rock

On this day in 1605, Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, found Guy Fawkes in a cellar below the English Parliament building, involved in a plot to blow up Parliament itself. The day was later known as “Guy Fawkes Day” and served as an inspiration for Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s graphic novel, V for Vendetta.

Today the folks across the pond remember, remember the fifth of November in honor of a sense of independence and a shaking of fists at British authority. While we reserve fireworks for summery July 4th, today is their excuse to blow things up and set things on fire. Really, every country should follow some such tradition of blowing things up in good spirits, but in light of recent world politics, let’s not go there.

Or if we do, let’s wear an awesome mask while we’re at it.

Neil Gaiman, an ex-pat Brit, held an annual Guy Fawkes party at his home for many years. The late great John M. Ford, Neil’s favorite writer and good friend, once decided to write directions to that party, with great wit and style…

(C’mon. You know the tune, whether or not you
remember all the words.)

A long, long time ago
But it should be remembered
How it fell out on November five
Some nobles and a guy named Guy
Thought they’d make their oppressors fly
And there’d be revolution, by and by . . .
The commissary must have shivered
When all those herrings were delivered
Barrels in the basement
For Parliament’s effacement
It was a bold, quixotic dream
(Though some say Salisbury’s scheme)
Explosive treason was the theme
The day the fuse went out

They started singing:
Remember, remember, the fifth of November
It was a night full of gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason
Why a gunpowder treason
Ever, ever should be forgot
Ever, ever should be forgot

One day with Lord Monteagle’s bacon
A note says, bangers have been laid on
Take a powder, signed, A Friend
The sort of hint that starts you thinking
With leaks like this, we’ll soon be sinking
Knot the rope that marks the end
They thought rebellion had a chance
But no one got up for the dance
Guy bent but didn’t break
Until Salisbury’s stake
The bottom line could not be plainer
A round of trials and attainder
Divide by four with no remainder
The day the fuse went out
They started singing. . . .

Oct 172009

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