Jan 252010

Angel City Derby Girls and Meltdown Comics present:

Angel City Derby Girls, Los Angeles’ only flat track roller derby league, is thrilled to present Eat Your Art Out III at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, Ca.

Eat Your Art Out is an annual fund raiser for the grassroots roller derby league. Local, National, and International artists donate to the silent auction each year, notable artists from years past include: Jim Mahfood aka Food One, Kofie, Dave Williams, and Ghostshrimp to name a few.

Angel City Derby Girls are members of the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby League (WFTDA). They competed nationally last year in Denver, Co at the 2009 Western Regional tournament.

This fundraiser kicks off our season every year and the proceed go towards uniforms, practice space fees and travel.

This is a one night only event! Come out, have a beverage with us, and go home with a reasonably priced piece art from your favorite artist!

Speaking of….here’s the line up!!!

Dave Williams, Jim Mahfood aka Food One, Jeffrey Shagawat aka Bill Shag, Jason Alexander, Codak, Dapo Adeola, Johnny Vampotna, Marc Leza Jasikovic, Misha, Exist, Barfly, Eric Hill, Ghostshrimp, angrywoebots, Josh Lazie, Dave Crosland, Ramon Felix, Jason Goad, Lori Jackson, ARTOO, si se puede, Ibarionex Perello, GoGo Gidget, Diesel, Just An Owl, Drew Barillas, Crayonfawn, Rachael Finley, Kenny B. Harris aka SICKSHEEP, PeekabooMonster!, Love Ablan, Miles Kinghorn, Neila, OHGIER
akirophoto(.com), ty clinton, Michael Philip Oliver McNeill, marisa predisik, Skramble, the middle child, marisa predisik, Michael Wysong, Bee A. Frayed, Bryan Schnelle, SPRFKR, Thomas McNamara, Sean Smith, Steph Calvert, Liz abbott, Michael Hsiung, Ben Watson, Evelyn Black, Liz, AWOL 1, Fat Tony, JEFF ZIELINSKI, KEITH MULLIGAN, Perry J. Osman, Glenn Milligan, Vyal, Peat Wolleager – stenSOUL, Ronald Jllanos, Babyface Nellie, Big Pranks, Sam Spina, Alex Chiu, Grizzly State, Danny Minnick, Nena Soulfly and many more!

Curated by: Jane Dope
DJ Set by: DJ Day

Jan 112010

If there were 2 podcast you should be listening to they should be Meltcast with Meltdown staffers Chris and Caleb & with good Meltdown friends Jim Mahfood and Jane Dope. Put your headphones on and LISTEN NOW!

The Meltcast is a comics podcast. It’s the brainchild of Chris Rosa, recorded every Wednesday at the renowned Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd in LA. Aaron Brewer handles the technical stuff on the recording side, and Francisco handles the technical stuff on the web side. And Caleb Monroe co-hosts. Basically, a small collection of comics raconteurs and ne’er-do-wells given microphones and free rein.

We have a wide-ranging perspective because, between our three hosts, we have 1 professional comics writer, 2 comics retailers and 3 life-long comics fans.

We have big plans for the Meltcast. Big plans. We may be a little garage, a little DIY, a little punk, a little rough around the edges right now, but we put it up for you to listen to anyway. Every week. We’re the big podcast that could.

The Beat Bee, mysterious cosmic funkanaut of the the intergalactic spaceways, delivers his magic Mixtapes throughout the universe to spread the love and joy of real music! He has chosen and Jane Dope (ANGEL CITY DERBY GIRLS, & EAT YOUR ART OUT) to broadcast his funky signals on planet Earth…an all-new, weekly guaranteed to clean the cobwebs out ‘yo mind.