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Sep 182009

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Feb 122009

Splash Page » New ‘Astro Boy’ Images Get Wide Release.

New images from “Astro Boy,” Summit Entertainment’s CGI-animated feature based on the popular anime/manga character. Today, Summit released a few more images from “Astro Boy,” and even though some of them have been seen around the ‘Net already, we thought we’d post some of the lesser-publicized images here, just in case you missed one or two of ‘em.

Here’s one of our favorites, featuring what looks to be one of the big robo-baddies Astro Boy goes up against in the movie:

'Astro Boy'

'Astro Boy'

'Astro Boy'

Dec 032008

A curiously shirted Astro Boy runs out to kick Speed Racer’s ass…

2009 is gonna be a huge year for otaku Anime & Manga fans when the legendary ASTRO BOY finally hits the big screen in modern computer animated form in an eponymous feature based the highly successful Japanese franchise by OSAMU TEZUKA. Nicolas Cage’s inclusion in the film as voice “talent” will surely be a low point but hopefully they don’t mess this flick up completely. We need something to redeem last year’s “Speed Racer” fiasco bad…

Source: Supertouch