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Derrick, Aristotle and Kris are back this week to talk all about Comic-Con!

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Jun 042016

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Derrick is back with Aristotle on this special LIVE episode! We streamed on Facebook so we could interact with YOU!

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Jan 082009

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Media Contacts: Katie Klapper, (323) 874-9667, katie@katieklapper.com
Mia Cariño, (310) 440-4544, communications@skirball.org

Premiere Merchandise Vendor: Meltdown Comics and Collectibles.


Skirball Cultural Center presents
The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1938–1950
February 19–August 9, 2009
West Coast debut at the Skirball features exclusive companion exhibition,
Lights, Camera, Action: Comic Book Heroes of Film and Television

Left: Superman #14, cover art (detail) · Artist: Fred Ray · © 1941 DC Comics SupermanTM and © DC Comics · All rights reserved · Used with permission · Collection of Jerry Robinson Right: Batcycle · Courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum

LOS ANGELES—Remember the thrill of hiding under the covers to read comic books after lights out? Many of us do. Along with movies, comics may be the quintessential American art form, and they owe their enduring popularity to precedents established during the Great Depression and World War II. ZAP! POW! BAM! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1938–1950 tells the story of this exciting moment in popular culture, when Superman (1938), Batman (1939), Wonder Woman (1941), Captain Marvel (1940), and numerous other Superheroes were born.
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