Aug 032009

So we just got blessed with a Paul Scheer Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered, Giclee Print of this famed Velvet Painted image! Damon Carlton And A Polar Bear.

The artist Paul Scheer, who spoke his peace at the SDCC LOST PANEL. (Do your self a favor and look it up, then Wiki the guy.) will be auctioning his LOST-Theme Velvet Paintings from his website August 15th! Cue up now.

The letter attached was hand written with the determination of a man that has had a blast of the good old lucidity inspired by the quotation below.

” I have looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful” – John Locke.

If this major talent still has any of the LOST Velvet Paintings closer to the premier of  S6. I would say that Meltdown would be Keen to offer him a week long Solo Gallery Exhibition!

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Jul 252009


Image via: Damon Carlton And A Polar Bear

Jul 252009

Can not wait for s6!

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