Nov 012015

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Welcome to our first book club! Every month we will be dissecting one of our favorite series/graphic novels/etc! So for our first episode, we couldnt think of a better guest or a better story! Londyn from The History of The Batman Podcast joins us to talk about The Long Halloween!


Janette’s Picks: “Howling Commandos of SHIELD #1” & “Spawn #257”

Derrick’s Picks: “The Darkseid Wars: Batman #1” & “Black Magick #1”

Aristotle’s Picks: “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1” & “Power Up #4”

Eddie’s Picks: “Black Magick #1” & “Hench Girl #1”

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Oct 242015


Mike Levine (Devastator Author, Onion Contributor) joins us this week to talk about his new book Oh, The Flesh You Will Eat! and our favorite childrens books! Oh, The Flesh You Will Eat! is available for pre-order now!

Mike’s Picks: “Groot” & “Rhyme Travelers”

Janette’s Picks: “Black Canary #5” & “Beauty #3”

Derrick’s Picks: “Martian Manhunter” & “The Steam Man #1”

Aristotle’s Picks: “The Astonishing Ant-Man #1” & “Giant Days #7” & “The Unmentionables”

Eddie’s Picks: “Back To The Future #1” & “Karnak #1”

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Oct 172015


This week we have the wonderful Melodie Miu! She is the writer of the Meltdown newsletter (which you should totally subscribe to!) and had some really great questions for us! The guest interviewing the hosts?? YES!!

Janette’s Picks: Radioactive Spider-Gwen #1 & Guardians of The Galaxy #1

Derrick’s Picks: Empire of Blood #1 & Star Trek/Green Lantern #4

Aristotle’s Picks: Radioactive Spider-Gwen #1 & Star Wars: Chewbacca #1

Eddie’s Picks: I Hate Fairyland #1 & Guardians of The Galaxy #1

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Aug 122014



Capitalizing on the popularity of the Batman comics from the thirties and forties, Columbia released a 15 chapter Batman film serial in 1943. Think Buck Rogers, but featuring Batman. The serial featured actors Lewis Wilson and Douglas Croft as Batman and Robin respectively.

What becomes clear watching these old films is that they provided much of the basis for the “Batman” television show featuring Adam West which ran from 1966 to 1968. The show itself was largely a parody of these old programs. The stilted language and goofy costumes that became synonymous with the sixties TV show were all direct jokes about what, by the sixties, would have felt dated and cheesy about these films from the forties.

The series was popular during its initial run, and enjoyed a second-wind of sorts in the sixties, when it was re-released theatrically to capitalize on the popularity of the Adam West show. Perhaps now, with the sixties Batman show potentially gaining popularity among young viewers thanks to the forthcoming DVD release, and the websites that have made the show viewable (more info here), there will also be a resurgence in popularity for these old serials.

Check out the first Batman film of all time!



Aug 122013

The Web’s all abuzz about the release of DC’s “Batman Incorporated #13,” the final Batman story written with Grant Morrisson at the helm. In the past seven years, Morrisson rewrote the Batman character to focus on the core legend and the original forces that drove the character. Its release wraps up the final Batman installment either written or co-written by Morrisson, and with it comes the end to the modern Batman era. As Robin might’ve once said “Holy longevity, Batman!”

Comics Alliance noted that the final installment brought various closures to Morrisson’s reign, ones that looped back from the first Batman story in 1939 to Morrisson’s own start seven years ago and points in-between. Twists and turns readers have seen include:

  • Batman’s son, Damian
  • The death of Bruce Wayne
  • Dick Grayson and Damian as the new dynamic duo
  • Bruce Wayne comes back via time travel

The Onion’s AV Club suggests that writer Morrisson brought a new legacy, a new progressive status quo of sorts, to the Batman character. One commenter on a blog post noted that Morrison’s Batman was packed with great, well-executed ideas, adding that it was “an amazing run.” Morrison himself expands on the direction he took Batman in this clip:

Meanwhile, the Caped Crusader is the focus of a new animated TV series. “Beware the Batman” premiered on Cartoon Network and other channels (check Direct TV offers for access). Fans are split on the animated look and feel, so judge for yourself with the trailer below:

With the end of Morrisson’s term and according to the AV Club article, DC Comics is resolving to make Batman more of a reader-friendly character. So that brings Batman to a bit of a standstill. What comes next? To what new adventures might you budding comic artists and writers bring Batman to? Share in the comments below.

Mar 052013


Batman 66 Facebook flyer

Step 1: Pow! Take a photo of yourself in your very best pose from The Batman Classic TV Series.

Step 2: Holy Photo Batman! Using Instagram, shoot and share your pic using the hashtag #JunkFoodBatman

Step 3: Submit your photo to Elizabeth at EWhite (at)

Contest ends March 19th at 5pm. Winners will be announced March 20th at 9am. You need to be and Los Angeles resident to win.