MeltCast 3.0 #60: Hail Hydra!

 Posted by on May 31, 2016
May 312016


Derrick is away this week so Aristotle and Eddie are joined by Dave Baker and Kris Saldana! We got a lot of big news this past week like Captain America being Hydra, DC’s Rebirth, Comixology and X-Men: Apocalypse. Enjoy!

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Apr 282016

Happy week after 4/20 everyone.  I know I know its no longer one of the best days of the year but hopefully I can give you some news, tidbits, and knowledge to take you through the rest of this week and into May.  While we were lacking April showers this year, let me shower you with awesome news about stuff I like and hopefully, by proxy, you will like it too.


As with every Wednesday, we always hold The Meltdown comedy show hosted by Jonah & Kumail.  This week, not only did we have a kick ass poster in honor of Prince, we had a pretty stellar line up as per usual.  This past Wednesday we had, Jon Dore, Kara Klenk, Charla Lauriston, Rory Scovel, and the amazing Kristen Schaaled!  Every week is amazing here at The Meltdown show here at the store.  Show up, you have to, you don’t know who will shock you with their presence!


I saw this when we got a copy into the store Tuesday, and I HAD to see what this was about.  You know Akira?  You know The Simpsons?!  Well what if they had a twisted, demented love child?!  James Harvey and Alex Jaffe bring us a collection of important scenes from the free comic they distribute.  Come in and check this book out the art is incredible and its for a good cause because all the proceeds go to charity!  Definitely worth a read.


Its the first WWE Pay Per View post Wrestlemania this Sunday!  This is for all my wrestling fans out there.  We are coming off of the heels of Wrestlemania 32 with Payback this Sunday on the WWE Network.  While its a pretty decent card, the two stand out matches are Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens and new World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns takes on AJ Styles!  Ill be tuning in for sure this Sunday for a nominal fee of…9.99!

The Trailer for the upcoming DC animated feature film, The Killing Joke, has dropped this week, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this movie!  If you don’t already know, the Batman storyline, The Killing Joke, is one of the most influential, and important storylines in Batman canon.  I won’t give anything away but the story is perhaps the darkest most twisted Batman story to date and its finally getting the DC animation treatment.  Not only that but we get Batman: The Animated Series mainstays Mark Hammil and Kevin Conroy reprising their roles as The Joker and Batman respectively.  I am HYPED.  Here’s the trailer, you def don’t wanna miss this!

MeltCast 3.0 #44: DC ME NOW!

 Posted by on January 22, 2016
Jan 222016


This week we got all kinds of new footage from the upcoming DC movies so naturally thats what we’re all about this week! We also talk about some upcoming events at Meltdown and our picks of the week!

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Sep 262015


This week we are joined by special guest and friend of the store, Kelly Hodgson! Kelly is taking Aristotle’s place this week because he is away and is appalled at how raunchy this episode gets! Though the gang does manage to stay on track long enough to talk about Red Tornado’s costume in Supergirl, The Court of Owls coming to Gotham, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight 3: The Master Race and this week’s books!

Janette’s Pick: Evil Dead 2 #1 and Fury #1

Kelly’s Picks: Wolf #2 and Fray

Derrick’s Picks: Negative Space #2 and Exit Generation #1

Eddie’s Picks: Deadpool vs Thanos #2 and Wilds End: Enemy Within #1

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MeltCast 3.0 #30: Lord of Light

 Posted by on September 19, 2015
Sep 192015


This week we talk about how amazing The Jack Kirby’s Lord of Light art show was! We reminisce about Room Raiders and other 90’s MTV reality shows, the pros and cons of TV/movie continuity and announce our book club!

Janette’s Pick:Black Canary #4 and The Beauty #2

Aristotle’s Pick: Captain America: White #1 and The Infinity Gauntlet #4

Derrick’s Pick: The Paybacks #1 and Buddha

Eddie’s Pick: Captain America: White #1 and Tokyo Ghost #1

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