Jan 102012

DnDMelt’s Dungeons and Dragons Beginner’s boot camp 201 – the second part of the DnD 4e Beginner’s Boot camp series.


Saturday JANUARY 14, 2012

Time: 1-4pm

Now that you’ve taken DnDMelt’s Beginner’s Boot Camp 101 & have a character, how do you use it? What do all of the numbers on the sheet really mean? What are actions? What is initiative? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?!?!

Here will will take you step by step through a fighting encounter and show you how to use all the cool abilities you have chosen. Powers, Utilities, Feats, Skills. You got to pick them, now its time to use them.

The second part of the class we will show you different ways to utilize your character. Different ways to play. Ways to think outside of the box. Do you really need to fight that dragon? Maybe you could talk your way out of the situation. Maybe you should think your way out?

For more info: meetup.com/DnDMelt or email DnD@Meltcomics.com

Oct 102011

Dear Los Angelinos who play D&D and/or other RPGs,

We here at DnDMelt are looking for a few good men and women to be on our team of Super Dungeon Masters. We will be running games on Thursday nights and Sunday Days. Perks for you will be *Free DnDMelt Monthly Membership! and DM swag… Amongst other things I’m wheeling and dealing for and will post about soon.

As DMs, you will be my Knights of the Round Table. I am looking for Men and Women I can rely on to show up when they say they can and be on time those days. You will not be required to DM every gaming day. I will work with whatever schedule works for you because you are my Rockstars! You are my Magic Makers. Without you we can not game.

If you are interested in DMing please email DnD@meltcomics.com with:

Name:                                  Email:                                  Phone #:

Preferred gaming platform: 
Are you willing to work with beginning players?
Do you want to run an ongoing campaign or One Shot Adventures?
Are you ok running One shots with different players each time we run gaming sessions?
How many players can you manage at a time (max amount)

This is an ongoing search. If you aren’t a DM but know of one to ask please please do. We here at DnDMelt are changing the way people see #DnD and we want you to be a part of it. Thanks everyone and I look forward to meeting you all really soon!!

-Satine DnD@meltcomics.com

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Oct 062011


Hi everyone! I was sitting at Meltdown comics earlier today with a couple of DMs prepping for my first Thursday DnD game day. I am really excited to meet everyone and to make the LA DnD community blossom. Right here. Right at Meltdown.

There are so many changes coming up! We will keep thursday night DnD and are also expanding into SUNDAYs! 6-11 on Thursdays and 11-6 on Sundays (two sets of games 11-4 & 2-6). AND for the month of October all game days hosted by me are FREE! Please email me at DnD@meltcomics.com so I can get your info and get you into a table of players that will be best for you!

One of the perks to having me in charge is food! If you’ve ever seen the web series “I Hit it With My Axe” you’d know my favorite thing to do while gaming is eating so there will be food and drink. We will be offering a monthly membership starting November 1 which also enters you into the weekly raffle. The raffle prize on November 6th is the Dungeons and Dragons Board Game “the legend of Drizzt”! (over a $60 value).
Things you can look forward to in the near future are DnD Mixers, pancake Sundays and multiple table adventures. Tons of swag! Lots of new friends!

I’ll keep you all posted with details. This is going to be a fantastic new year indeed!


-Satine DnD@Meltcomics.com

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