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Nov 052009

Barack Obama Names Alan Moore Official White House Biographer | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

WASHINGTON—At a press conference Monday, President Obama announced that he had appointed legendary comic book writer Alan Moore as the official biographer of his time in the White House. “As evidenced by his epic run on Swamp Thing #21–64, Moore’s deft hand with both sociopolitical commentary and metaphysical violence makes him an ideal choice to chronicle my time in office,” Obama said of the author of Watchmen and From Hell, whom he reportedly chose over others on a short list of potential biographers that included Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, and Bob Woodward. “I look forward to seeing the kinds of subplots he will surely weave throughout the main narrative of my presidency, and how he’ll tie them all back together at the end in a way that just elevates the thing to a whole other level. God, that guy is the master.” Although Obama has not yet settled on a publisher for his White House biography, he is reportedly leaning toward DC’s Vertigo imprint for its creator-friendly ethos, high production values, and willingness to publish content for mature readers.