Feb 102016

Good evening fellow Melters!  While it is usually my job to keep you guys updated on things that are going on in the store, new releases, etc, there have been a lot of interesting story developments in our favorite mediums these past few days.  Here are some interesting pieces of news and stuff that plain old just interests me that you, the people, should be aware of.

Once again, I must reiterate, I am NOT a sports fan.  If its not sports entertainment (wrestling) I’m usually not interested.  While I am not into sports whatsoever I do respect athleticism and superhuman feats of strength, so whenever I see something that makes me go “oh wow” then I feel it is my duty to share it with my readers.  So in a women’s gym meet UCLA faced off against Utah.  During this meet UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus did a routine that simply must be seen to believed.  I really wish I could put it into words, but it involves a lot of Nae Naes and Dabbing.  See for yourself the awesomeness.


It was announced today that Disney has started principal photography for Star Wars Episode 8!  We are still reeling form the geek porn that was Star Wars The Force Awakens, and it seems that Disney will not let up on giving us more tales from A Galaxy Far Far Away.  Thats not all, Disney CEO Bob Iger also announced the planned release date for a stand alone Han Solo movie!  The Han Solo origin movie will be released May 2018.  We are getting Star Wars Rogue One next year as well so we have plenty of Sci Fi goodness to look forward to.


Some of you may or may not be aware that Sega has partnered with Sony Pictures and production has started on a Sonic The Hedgehog movie.  While we don’t know much about the movie as of yet, it was revealed today that the movie will be a Live Action/CGI hybrid, much akin to the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.  This method has not been done perfectly yet (see the Smurfs and/or Chipmunks movies) but I am willing to give Sony the benefit of the doubt and wait until we see some footage to pass my judgement on this.  Sega’s track record hasn’t been all that great to the Blue Blur recently which further leads me to worry since Sega is developing the all the CGI for the movie.  While we all know and love Sonic’s original Sega Genesis titles the most recent outings by the Sonic Team have been pretty much garbage.  Will this be a faster version of the Garfield movies?  We shall see.


I am a huge fan of old school horror movies.  I literally could watch any of the original Universal Horror Monster films any time of the week front to back.  These movies changed how horror was done and made characters such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster as famous as Elvis or Mickey Mouse.  Universal has announced plans to reboot a lot of their Horror Monster properties and one of said properties in development is the Invisible Man.  This is definitely one of my favorite movies due to the fact so much went into the character devolpment of the Invisible Man that we didn’t get with most monsters in cinema.  A character actor was definitely needed for the role and I don’t think they could have picked a better actor for that role than Johnny Depp.  Yes Johnny Depp himself will be playing the Invisible Man in the upcoming reboot.  I love this casting choice and can’t wait to see more from this project.

So some genius took Mario Kart, and Star Wars and gave us this masterpiece.  It’s not a real game and more than likely never will be, but its always fun to play “what if?”  Check it out for yourself.

Jan 222016

Hello Melters, you made it through another week, kudos for that.  To treat yourself this weekend here are a few things that you could do with your family, friends, fake girlfriends who live in Canada…whatever you wish!

MQJDCSUW_400x400 dough-pizzeria-bar

To start things off I have to tell you about Dough Pizzeria and Bar.  I recently visited this spot for the first time before I went to the Lemmy Kimister memorial and was amazed at the selection of pizza and liquor.  The vibe is amazing, very relaxed with a rock star vibe.  The setting is very fitting as it is located right next to the Roxy and Rainbow Bar And Grill.  I tried the BBQ chicken pizza and nearly fainted.  They used sauces and toppings I would have never expected to ever be put on pizza.  It’s an amazing place to get lunch or pre game before a rock show.  Another important note:  THEY DELIVER!!!!  Check them out  http://www.choosedough.com


The 90’s teenager in me is very happy to give you the news that the man himself TOM GREEN, a personality that embodied a lot of what the 90’s were, is hosting an event here at Meltdown tomorrow the 23rd!  Tomorrow night Tom Green will be hosting a 90’s culture based game show called, “Seriously 90’s”.  The show will pit contestants against each other in a battle of trivia, physical challenges, and all out debauchery based off of all things 90’s.  Had a tamagotchi?  Loved the original Power Rangers?  Then this is your show.  Surprise guests are promised so be sure not to miss it.  Come by and watch the filming of an episode of “Seriously 90’s” tomorrow night and meet the man who told us the joys of putting your “bum bum on the Swedish.”


Its that time of year once again.  30 men enter 1 man leaves.  That’s right ladies and gents its time for the 2016 Royal Rumble!  If you do not know what that is I’ll break it down for you uninitiated really quick.  The Royal Rumble is a WWE match that happens once a year involving most of the roster.  30 entrants enter the ring throughout the match and every time a wrestler is thrown over the top rope onto the floor outside, he is eliminated.  The last  man standing is the winner.  The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line this year (which never happens) so there is a little more riding on the event this year.  ANYWAY, I will be hosting a Royal Rumble viewing party at Meltdown this Sunday at 5pm PT.  There will be food and drinks provided plus the Rumble will be projected on a giant screen for all to enjoy.  Show up for the pizza stay for the body slams.

Im going to put you Melters onto some new shit right quick.  Theres this new Visual/Musical artist out right now named Jeron Braxton that just released a music through our friends Pizza Slime called “UMMM” that truly made my brain explode.  Straight out of Indiana, Braxton not only creates all of his own music, but all the amazing visuals you see in this video.  This is also a big day for Pizza Slime as this is the first exclusive release they have done for their youtube channel.  Check out the video above and don’t forget to visit Pizzaslime.com

Jan 192016

A happy Tuesday to you Melters!  As you know I have started my weekly wrestling recap show “Kayfabe Korner” live every Monday, as a result these “Heads Up” postings will be occurring on Tuesdays from now on.  Lets get to the nitty gritty shall we?


Today DC Films uploaded some very interesting content to their Facebook page today.  As we all know Batman Vs. Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Aquaman movies are all setting up for a two part Justice League movie in the next few years.  While we know who will play each of the characters we still don’t have a good idea of the looks for Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash.  Today us fans got a peek at what the future holds for the DC film universe when the film studio uploaded concept art showing the initial lineup for the upcoming “The Dawn of The Justice League”.  While we still don’t know all that much about what the movie will be about (we are still a long ways away from it’s release date) its interesting to see what could be the final look for the League.  I personally do NOT have high hopes for the DC universe in terms of its cinema performances but time will tell as they say…


JJ Abrams dropped a teaser trailer for an upcoming film called “10 Cloverfield Lane” which is apparently supposed to be a follow up to his Found-Footage disaster movie “Cloverfield”.  I guess the original Cloverfield didn’t do as well as the studio would have hoped but I personally LOVED the movie and consider it one of my favorites.  I love me a good disaster flick especially if giant monsters are involved.  Throwing in the “found footage” motif only made it more intense and instilled a sense of panic in the audience.  From what I’ve seen from the trailer, the movie focuses on a family (lead by John Goodman which is AWESOME) that lives in an underground bomb shelter and their struggle to survive after an unnamed disaster happened above ground.  People are mostly assuming this movie will take place in the same universe as the original Cloverfield disaster but this time it focuses on one family and is not “found footage” style.  I love (almost) everything JJ Abrams puts out and this trailer has filled me with a lot of hope for this project.


So this is good news for all my fellow lazy comic enthusiasts.  While digital comics are available on most handheld devices, there isn’t anything quite like the feeling of owning a physical copy of your favorite book.  Too lazy to come to Meltdown?  Well have no fear because WE ARE COMING TO YOU!  Starting tomorrow, every Wednesday, Meltdown Comics will start delivering your favorite comics to your door!  For just a small 5$ delivery fee you can pick as many items in the store as you want and we will bring them right to your door!  Call into Meltdown tomorrow for details.  We will be delivering in the areas from Beverly Hills to Echo Park, plus the Hollywood Hills to Mid City LA.   The things we do for you people…


The Resident Evil: 0 HD remaster came out today available for download.  This is one of the better Resident Evil games before Capcom forgot the “horror” part of “survival horror” in their video games.  While the original Resident Evil HD Remake is far superior in my opinion this is another fun game to pick up if you feel nostalgic about being scared by zombie dogs jumping through windows.  Pick this up if you are feeling bored on a lazy rainy day (like today) but if you do make sure you get the original Resident Evil HD as well.


Today, arguably one of the best films of 2015, Straight Outta Compton finally drops on DVD and Blu ray as well as most online streaming sites.  While the Academy felt this movie wasn’t worth their time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have this incredible movie in your library.  The movie follows the rise and eventual fall of one of the most iconic music groups in history, N.W.A.  If you haven’t already seen this movie (a lot of people already did) then you should not miss this classic.  Its the highest grossing music biopic of all time, you do the math.