Sep 262011

Enter the EDGE and the DARK of the New 52 with I,Vampire writer Joshua Hale Fialkov (Echoes, Tumor, Elk’s Run) and Blackhawks writer Mike Costa (GI Joe: Cobra, Hawksmoor, Transformers) signing from 11am till 2pm on Wednesday. Meet two of DC Comics Newest and Brightest Stars!

Jun 242010

This week we cram over 10hrs of traditional Meltcast content into a tight 90 minutes! For an appetizer we briefly touch what we’ve been reading: CRIMINAL: THE SINNERS, JAM!: TALES FROM THE WORLD OF ROLLER DERBY, DAREDEVIL #507, SPIDER-MAN: SHED, and pirate action galore with THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #3.

Then, as DC launches their opening salvo into the war of digital supremacy, we discuss their five-pronged digital attack, outflanking Marvel on day-and-date distribution, digital royalties, something called the retailer affiliate program, and the ascendancy of comiXology as the new Diamond. On the flip side, we dissect the news of the first national comics chain as entertainment retailer Hastings makes a bold move into selling comics. Is this the re-invigoration of brick and mortar? A new king of the Direct Market? Or just another comic book dilettante on the block?

As if all that weren’t enough, we saved the best for last: our final segment is the long-anticipated arrival of Mr. Joshua Hale Fialkov, writer of ELK’S RUN, CYBLADE, THE CLEANERS and the now-on-shelves TUMOR! He brings us a treat in the form of creator Tony Fleecs and we delve into the joys of procreation, Fraggle porn (huh?), comics’ Library Binding subculture, the history of LA and much, much more.

How did we fit it all in, you ask? It was either Dr. Doom’s time platform or a timer on Chris’s iPhone. We’ll let you decide.


Music: 2Pac – “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted,” “Changes,” and “When Thugs Cry”

Jun 192010


After the initial temerity of having a baby instead of a signing with us, Joshua Hale Fialkov, creator of comics and newly-minted creator of life, returns (for the first time!) to sign his latest twisted crime graphic novel TUMOR, the hard-boiled story of the final case of a Los Angeles PI with a brain tumor that became an Amazon Kindle bestseller and which Duane Swierczynski calls “utterly original and completely addictive.”

So come get addicted, get a whopping dose of crime comics (225 pages!), get your hardcover signed, get some drinks, get some snacks and get away from it all this Wednesday, June 23, starting at 7pm.

Store Signing: Josh Fialkov, Wednesday, June 9th 7pm – 8pm Meltdown Comics 7522 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (map)

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