Jun 032010

Worlds collide and universes are shattered as we make it official! Sam “the Hammer” Humphries is welcomed as the newest permanent member for the Meltcast (and the internet couldn’t be happier).

To celebrate, we bring aboard a double shot of guests for your listening pleasure! First off, we welcome Michael Holmes (adapter), Ryan Johnson (musical director), and Marz Richards (the devil) of the Sacred Fools Theater Company (sacredfools.org) to discuss their current show: FORBIDDEN ZONE: LIVE IN THE 6TH DIMENSION, a stage adaptation of Richard and Danny Elfman’s 1982 video cult classic. They also keep us posted on the status of SERIAL KILLERS, MAGNUM OPUS (literal performances of the worst screenplay ever found) and the upcoming and first-ever Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In the second segment we lose our collective shit and welcome a unified Meltcast favorite as Joshua Dysart, writer of UNKNOWN SOLDIER from Vertigo Comics joins the discussion! We talk the recent heartbreaking news of the series’ upcoming cancellation, his plans for ending the story, and upcoming projects like the final completion of  BUDDHA (Liquid Comics) and the upcoming NEIL YOUNG’S GREENDALE (Vertigo) with Cliff Chiang on art duties.

Many bothans died and even more tears were shed to bring you this information.


Mar 182010

Green is king (at least for one of the members) on this St. Patrick’s day extravaganza! We hoist our cups and muse over the second trade of UNKNOWN SOLDIER by Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli from Vertigo, THE KILLER from Archia Press, Terry Moore’s Echo, WOLVERINE: WEAPON X, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, JONAH HEX, JOE THE BARBARIAN, and BRONX KILL from Vertigo Crime, Chris rants about women in refrigerators, and we’re not hung over yet as we discuss SIEGE #3.