Dec 012011

Press Release –

Pilot Season 2011 Voting Kicks Off With Meltdown and Chipotle!

Voting Begins December 5th

Top Cow Productions and Image Comics announced today a premiere launch event at Meltdown in Los Angeles for the Pilot Season 2011 voting period. The Pilot Season “Take Control” party invites Los Angeles fans to meet the various creative teams involved in 2011’s Pilot Season competition, get their books signed, and get the details on how they can determine the winning series this year. The event is co-sponsored by Chipotle Mexican Grill, through arrangement with marketing firm Bonfire Agency.

Since 2007, Pilot Season has become the leading fan-driven comic event, allowing creators to compete with brand-new original properties for fan votes. This year, Top Cow released eight unique pilot issues by eight creative teams ranging from established industry pros to up-and-coming talent to screenwriters and even one NFL All Star. With all eight books in stores, voting will begin on Monday, December 5th at, where fans can also find additional information on each title.

To kick off the highly contested month of voting, Top Cow and Image Comics have partnered with Meltdown Comics to host a “Take Control” launch party on Wednesday, December 7th from 7:00-9:00pm. Fans will have the opportunity to mingle with the creative teams, get their Pilot Season issues signed, receive free comics from Top Cow, and enjoy free food and drinks furnished by Chipotle Mexican Grill. Confirmed guests include Joshua Hale Fialkov, Rahsan Ekedal, Morgan Davis Foehl, Dennis Calero, Brad Keene, Matt Hawkins, Filip Sablik, Nick Nantell,Dan Casey, and Troy Peteri. All fans in attendance will also receive “Buy One, Get One Free” certificates for future visits to Meltdown’s neighborhood Chipotle at 7660 Sunset Blvd. Meltdown Comics, one of Los Angeles’ premiere comic shops, is located at 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046 and can be reached at (323) 851-7223.

This year’s voting process has evolved from previous years. From December 5th to December 18th, fans will be able to vote as often as they would like for their favorite series. On December 19th, the four highest vote-getters will continue to the second round. Until December 25th, fans will be able to vote once per day for their favorite series, with the highest two vote-getters continuing to the final round of competition on December 26th. The final winning series will be determined when voting closes on December 31st and will be announced in early January 2012.

“Pilot Season is one of the highlights of the year for all of us at Top Cow and we’re thrilled to kick off the voting in style at Meltdown,” commented Top Cow Publisher, Filip Sablik, “Rather than just do a standard signing event, we thought it’d be fun to have a party and celebrate all these great new books! I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a couple impromptu campaign speeches on December 7th.”

“We’re thrilled to have Chipotle on board for this leg of the Pilot Season program,” added Steve Rotterdam, Bonfire Co-Founder and Partner. “It makes the event all the more celebratory.”

For more information on Pilot Season, go to For additional information on the event and Meltdown, head to


Jun 212010

It. Is. Happening.

Attention all LA fans, and anyone who likes comics, humor, awesome music, and free surprises: The Devastator throws its 1st ever book signing and launch party, care of the famous Meltdown Comics in Hollyweird!

The writers and artists will be there to sign your copy of The Devastator while you chug delicious soda and pound free candy. You can also grub from the mouth-watering  The Mandoline Grill, which will be in attendance all night!

It’s all happening Saturday, June 26, at 7pm. Be there or be Nathan. (Gross! Nathan sucks!)

Dec 102009

Eames Demetrios

Uncertain though you may be as to the correct pronunciation of “kcymaerxthaere,” don’t linger too long on that; the first thing to know about kcymaerxthaere is that it doesn’t really exist, at least not in the realm of our physical universe. Invented by, as The Believer put it, “the grandson of the designers of the most famous piece of modern furniture,” kcymaerxthaere “memorializes the slow death of Main Street by building an alternate universe.” Eames Demetrios is an itinerant geographer with an anthropologist’s and a poet’s disposition. Tonight, Meltdown hosts the author for a reading and launch party for the fourth volume of the KCY Travel Guide. For the record, it’s “ky-MAR-ex-theere.”

– Shana Nys Dambrot


Nov 122009


Bug Bot Press is pleased to announce the official launch party for Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt’s new book Voice-Over Voice Actor: What It’s Like Behind the Mic held on Friday November 13th at the Gallery at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

Join us as we present the hot-off-the-presses book and celebrate with the folks who contributed to the book as well as fellow voice-actors, voice-directors, engineers, actors and friends.

Open Bar & The Buttermilk Truck (7pm-10pm)

Jul 122009


Nathan Hamill & U1 Toy Arts present
The first collectible in the Picnic Land series
2.5 inch rotocast vinyl figure
Sculpted by David Kawano
Available July 2009

Boris was raised by his father, Horace, on a private cargo vessel, the Blue Turski. As a wee kitten, he helped steer and navigate the eighty-seven seas with great skill and great ease. All the while, his father and he battled enormous sea serpents, blood thirsty ghosts and the treacherous Eel People, only occasionally breaking for acorn cookies and sardine tea.
Shortly after his sixth birthday party, the Blue Turski was boarded in the dead of the night by Captain Bland Beard and his fancy band of pirates.  They savagely killed his father, stole the party favors and forced Boris to walk the dreaded and quite splintered plank. Fortunately, due to the pirates’ shoddy knot job and Boris’ ability to dislocate his tail, the resolute little fella wrestled himself free and narrowly escaped, swimming to the moonlit shore of a mysterious island.

I believe he lives there still.

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Journeyman
Catchphrase: “This Better Be Good!”
Most Likely To: Find Revenge
Favorite Stooge: Moe
Turn Ons: Warm Laundry, Zombie Movies, Acorn Cookies with Sardine Tea
Turn Offs: Long Walks on the Beach, Long Walks off the Plank, Bland Beard, Unicorns