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Nov 012012

Hi Everyone!

Just in time for Post-Halloween, you can check out our lesson from last week.  It focused on creating MONSTER characters– which meant traditional, scary Halloween types, as well as how to create one’s own monsters by mixing and matching animals and creatures (much the way the animators did when creating the famous Beast from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”).

As usual, scroll down to see what the lesson was, and then peek below to see the monstrously creative work the students did.  Have fun!

                                  OCTOBER LESSONS:                    

­                                   An Introduction to Creating Your Own Monster Characters!                                     .

Monsters can be very scary, but they can also be funny—much like Zombies or Zombie stories, stories about Monsters—or Monsters themselves— can be a comedy OR a drama, and they are often featured in the Horror Genre.  If not Horror and Halloween, Monsters can show up when it is a fantasy story.

What do you think of when you hear the word “Monster?”  What are some differences between different types of Monsters? 

Historically, when movies about monsters first came out, the monsters were often somewhat smaller- vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein’s monster are not much bigger than humans.  Interestingly, after the Second World War, monsters such as King-Kong and Godzilla became more popular.

Some studies suggest it was a response to war and weapons in the world– think of Godzilla, who is a huge monster that only science and weapons can defeat. Continue reading »

Sep 192012

Thanks for reading our latest blog recap, for Meltdown University’s Comics for Kids:  This week’s lesson (and this blog post) focuses on DIALOGUE, and WORD BALLOONS.

Dialogue can be a lot more complicated than just what a character says.  The same line of dialogue will be different depending on the facial expression of the character who says it– or how the dialogue box itself was actually drawn.  Some dialogue boxes are barely there, and others are very important to the entire LAYOUT of the comic.

Scroll down to read the lesson plan and what we learned on this front.  As usual, scroll down below that to see what the kids came up with.

Thanks for reading!



Using the SHAPE of Word Balloons to help your characters talk, and using DRAWINGS and DIALOGUES together to tell your story!


Continue reading »