Sep 022010

We’re down two men as Caleb is a prisoner of the legal system, while the Hammer is in aerial transit. However, we’re picked up by returning fave Mark Sable (writer: Two-Face: Year One, Grounded, Unthinkable, Hazed), and False Start ‘zine proprietress Meredith Wallace ( Meredith talks about how the web introduced her to DIY/Feminist ‘zine culture, how she started False Start after college, and some of her recent favorites, like INVINCIBLE SUMMER, ALABAMA GIRL #9, & LOVE LETTERS TO MONSTERS #3. Mark enlightens us on his new ventures with Kickstart Comics (and Kickstart’s unique distribution model), which begin with his new comic RIFT RAIDERS w/artist Julian Totino Tedesco (out in comic shops mid-October, pre-order today!).

The show then delves to the deep as Chris tells tales of the Avenging Son thanks to The Sub-Mariner’s new series debut- NAMOR: THE FIRST MUTANT – we discuss King Namor’s history, past series, and the first bromance of the Marvel U with Mr. Macenzie and Doc Doom. We rise from the depths to tackle STUMPTOWN #4, THE BOYS, BATTLEFIELDS, as well as Matt Fraction’s CASANOVA.

Music: Thrice – Open Water / Norma Jean – Leaderless and Self-Enlisted

Meltcast SDCC Edition: Comic Con 2010 Prt. 2

 Posted by on July 24, 2010
Jul 242010

From the Marriott Hotel, we recap our experiences of day 2 of Comic-Con with special guest Mark Sable. We get the scoop on Mark’s just announced Graphic Novel Kickstart, a look at what SDCC is for pros and a peek of Comic-Con nightlife


Meltcast 018 March 3rd, 2010

 Posted by on March 4, 2010
Mar 042010

Its award season Meltcast style! We bring scribe Mark Sable (TWO-FACE YEAR: ONE, UNTHINKABLE, GROUNDED, CYBORG) to the roundtable as we discuss the nominees and winners of the first annual “Golden Melty” awards. But first, we discuss a plethora of books, including the big reveal of BUFFY SEASON 8, THE SWORD by the Luna Bros., ULTIMATE AVENGERS , INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, NOLA, WOLVERINE: WEAPON X, and LEX LUTHOR: MAN OF STEEL.


Jan 032010

Its an end of the decade blowout as the crew pulls out all stops and invites some of the hottest names in the LA comics industry for a roundtable mash-up to end all! We invite Percy Carey (SENTENCES), Jonathan L. Davis (EUREKA, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD), Mark Sable (UNTHINKABLE, TWO-FACE: YEAR ONE), Matt Gagnon (managing editor, BOOM! Studios) and Pierluigi Cothran (NOLA) to offer insights and opinions as Caleb and Chris run through their top 10 books of the decade, and the audience gets involved to air some grievances! Part one of two.

Part One:
[podcast] 1230 PT1final.mp3[/podcast]

Part Two:
[podcast] 1230 PT2final.mp3[/podcast]

Jun 102009

Meltdown Comics and BOOM! Studios present:
Mark Sable signing UNTHINKABLE 1&2 plus anything you throw at him.

June 10th, 7:00PM
Meltdown Comics/Sunset Blvd.