Oct 102015


This week we are once again joined by Kelly Hodgson, filling for a missing Janette! We then have an interview with Maytal Gilboa, founder of Emet Comics! She tells us all about how she got started and the women behind the comics! Her interview starts at 1:10:10!

Kelly’s Picks: Paper Girls #1 & Starve #5

Derrick’s Picks: We Stand On Guard #4 & Saints #1

Aristotle’s Picks: Project Nemesis #1, Plutona #2 & Drawn Onward

Eddie’s Picks: Paper Girls #1 & Doctor Strange #1

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Feb 212014

It’s an age old statement, often exclaimed to the Comic Gods from within a sea of single issues: “I want to read a comic, but I have no idea where to start!”

You’re in luck! @MeltdownComics has shelves full of new titles, and we’re not only talking about the slew of Marvel #1’s released week-to-week.

Image Comics continues to impress with debuts of “Mercenary Sea,” “Fuse,” and the most recent “Undertow,” an Atlantis-meets-the-Matrix epic. How do those two go together? Read up and find out.

Dark Horse‘s “The White Suits” graduates from “Dark Horse Presents” into it’s own gritty title. If you’re a fan of noir and stylish assassins, check this one out!

With a successful @MeltdownComics signing in the bag, Oni Press’ “The Bunker” shook the shelves with a first issue that will literally break your brain (in a good way). Bunker Buzzwords: Future/Past-self, Presidency, Post-apocalypse, friendship!

From IDW, the character that’s permeated nearly every artistic medium and human heart out there, the swolest of the swole: Black Dynamite! Come join Byron Minns, Scott Sanders, and Brian Ash on March 1st, 2014 from 5-8PM @MeltdownComics, and get that #1 signed. Rumor has it Scott Sanders has soul music for us!

Out of the Marvel Comics bunch, “The Punisher” makes his way to sunny LA in his first issue, with a guest appearance from a Danny Trejo look-alike and many of the LA locales you know and love. But why stop there? Issue #2 introduces you to what could be Frank’s new mascot, and a surprise visit from a familiar Marvel villain.

Lastly, but certainly not least, “Black Widow” #1 delivers a rock-solid spy drama, written by the same writer of “The Punisher,” @NathanEdmondson. Want him to sign both those #1’s for you? Join us on March 12th, 2014 from 5:30-8:30PM.

Any of these titles grab your attention? Did you already pick one of them up this week? Let us know in the comments section which #1 titles you thought were the best/show the most promise, and we’ll give that title an in-depth spotlight review.

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Note: DC Comics, we haven’t forgotten about you. You’ll have your time in the sun.



Jun 152012

In celebration of Northstar’s big day, American Apparel and Meltdown Comics have teamed up to *give away ‘GAY-OK’ t-shirts with every purchase of Astonishing X-Men #51 on Wednesday, June 20th to commemorate this historic event, so come to Meltdown and GET SOME.
Reserve your copy and t-shirt  now staff@meltcomics.com

*while supplies last

May 292012

This is the complete Q&A with Ed Brubaker from the Avengers vs X-Men launch event held at Meltdown Comics, moderated by Borys Kit of the Hollywood Reporter. The event took place on April 3rd, 2012.

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Filmed and Edited by: Adam Dorsey
Produced by: Ryan Moran
Executive produced by: Jessica Gao and Gaston D-L. for Meltdown2.0, LLC.

Apr 032012

MeltCast 2.0 Promo Video with Ryan Moran and Josh Kar

Avengers and streetwear fanatics assemble! To kick off the fisticuffs and festivities for Marvel’s universe-shaking crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men, Marvel has teamed up with sultans of streetwear New Era to produce limited edition caps. Midtown Comics in New York City will have 18 East Coast Avengers caps and our very own Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles will have 18 West Coast Avengers caps in a classic Dodger blue colorway. With only 36 hats in existence – 18 of each colorway – these are the fashion equivalent of Infinity Gems. Luckily, we were able to snag a sneak peek at the hero-worthy headwear before they go on sale this Tuesday at 8PM at Meltdown’s Avengers VS X-Men launch event with special guest Ed Brubaker. You can believe us when we say that these will fetch a pretty penny, True Believers, and are a must-have for any Marvel diehard.

On Tuesday, April 3rd, Marvel will be releasing the first issue of their epic crossover, Avengers Vs. X-Men. Meltdown Comics will celebrate the release with an event featuring writer Ed Brubaker. Brubaker will be at Meltdown to hang out, chat, and sign copies of Issue #1 for customers. There will also be eighteen limited edition West Coast Avengers NEW ERA CAPS you can win via our AvX raffle, exclusive to Meltdown Comics!

Avengers Vs. X-Men
Ed Brubaker is the prolific author of Marvel’s current Captain America series and its spinoff, Winter Soldier. He has also written several creator-owned series under Marvel’s Icon imprint, including Criminal, Sleeper, and Incognito. Brubaker will join Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, Brian Michael Bendis, and Jason Aaron in writing issues of the AvX crossover, which is scheduled to span twelve Marvelous Marvel Comics issues.
Avengers Vs. X-Men


Don’t miss this opportunity to meet one of the comic book industries best writers! Get your AvX on at Meltdown at 8pm, April 3rd.
This event is free to attend.
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