Jan 262016

Hello Melters, not a whole lot to bring you up to speed on, you know why you are here, I’m about to bless y’all with some knowledge right quick and no guac isn’t extra today.

Everyone loves the Ninja Turtles, you are lying and deceiving everyone around you if you say otherwise.  When you were on the playground everyone had a turtle to be, well, if you only had four friends but regardless you couldn’t go anywhere in the late 80’s-90’s without seeing the green Teenage Mutants.  Ever since Nickelodeon purchased the rights to the Ninja Turtles the reactions to a lot of the stuff they have put out under the Turtle brand have been met with mixed reactions.  While the new cartoon series does the brand justice, the Michael Bay reboot was abysmal to watch and the upcoming sequel doesn’t fill me with high hopes either.  While the Turtles are trying to find their place in 2016 we did get a new trailer for a video game coming soon and IT LOOKS AWESOME!  The game is called, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan” and it really looks like they focused on the original source material from the 80’s more so than the current Bay movies.  I can’t wait!

Tomorrow, here at Meltdown Comics, we are having a special book-signing for a book that I bought the MINUTE it was put on shelves.  The book is called “100 Things Star Wars Fans Should Know And Do Before They Die” and as you may have guessed its a topic I hold very dear to my heart.  The book contains a plethora of trivia, activities and events all things Star Wars and a very fun read that encapsulates all the movies including The Force Awakens!  Come tomorrow to Meltdown for the book signing or just come buy the book you won’t regret it.


Here’s some interesting news, you all remember the Show 24 right?  Starred a character named Jack Bauer?  The dude who played him was drunk all the time?  Anyway, a while ago Fox announced that they are rebooting the series but with a different actor than Keifer Sutherland.  It was recently announced that Corey Hawkins will be playing the lead in the new reboot.  Now if that name doesn’t sound familiar he was only the guy who KILLED IT as a young Dr. Dre in “Straight Outta Compton”.  I think he did a phenomenal job in the movie and can’t wait to see more from this kid.  I never was a huge 24 fan but this may have piqued my interest.


Now as you guys know, professional wrestling is my forte’.  I play WWE 2k more than I talk to my friends.  The most recent WWE 2k16 is a great game which I love and a new DLC package was dropped today.  The “Future Stars” DLC pack has new names (mostly NXT talent) that you can add to the already MASSIVE roster.  The wrestlers included in the pack are Samoa Joe, Los Matadors, and the former NXT Tag Team Champs Blake and Murphy.  While I could have done without Los Matadors I am a fan of the inclusion of more NXT talent.  Pick it up if you wanna drop some Muscle Busters with Samoa Joe.


Jan 222016

Hello Melters, you made it through another week, kudos for that.  To treat yourself this weekend here are a few things that you could do with your family, friends, fake girlfriends who live in Canada…whatever you wish!

MQJDCSUW_400x400 dough-pizzeria-bar

To start things off I have to tell you about Dough Pizzeria and Bar.  I recently visited this spot for the first time before I went to the Lemmy Kimister memorial and was amazed at the selection of pizza and liquor.  The vibe is amazing, very relaxed with a rock star vibe.  The setting is very fitting as it is located right next to the Roxy and Rainbow Bar And Grill.  I tried the BBQ chicken pizza and nearly fainted.  They used sauces and toppings I would have never expected to ever be put on pizza.  It’s an amazing place to get lunch or pre game before a rock show.  Another important note:  THEY DELIVER!!!!  Check them out  http://www.choosedough.com


The 90’s teenager in me is very happy to give you the news that the man himself TOM GREEN, a personality that embodied a lot of what the 90’s were, is hosting an event here at Meltdown tomorrow the 23rd!  Tomorrow night Tom Green will be hosting a 90’s culture based game show called, “Seriously 90’s”.  The show will pit contestants against each other in a battle of trivia, physical challenges, and all out debauchery based off of all things 90’s.  Had a tamagotchi?  Loved the original Power Rangers?  Then this is your show.  Surprise guests are promised so be sure not to miss it.  Come by and watch the filming of an episode of “Seriously 90’s” tomorrow night and meet the man who told us the joys of putting your “bum bum on the Swedish.”


Its that time of year once again.  30 men enter 1 man leaves.  That’s right ladies and gents its time for the 2016 Royal Rumble!  If you do not know what that is I’ll break it down for you uninitiated really quick.  The Royal Rumble is a WWE match that happens once a year involving most of the roster.  30 entrants enter the ring throughout the match and every time a wrestler is thrown over the top rope onto the floor outside, he is eliminated.  The last  man standing is the winner.  The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line this year (which never happens) so there is a little more riding on the event this year.  ANYWAY, I will be hosting a Royal Rumble viewing party at Meltdown this Sunday at 5pm PT.  There will be food and drinks provided plus the Rumble will be projected on a giant screen for all to enjoy.  Show up for the pizza stay for the body slams.

Im going to put you Melters onto some new shit right quick.  Theres this new Visual/Musical artist out right now named Jeron Braxton that just released a music through our friends Pizza Slime called “UMMM” that truly made my brain explode.  Straight out of Indiana, Braxton not only creates all of his own music, but all the amazing visuals you see in this video.  This is also a big day for Pizza Slime as this is the first exclusive release they have done for their youtube channel.  Check out the video above and don’t forget to visit Pizzaslime.com

Oct 172015


This week we have the wonderful Melodie Miu! She is the writer of the Meltdown newsletter (which you should totally subscribe to!) and had some really great questions for us! The guest interviewing the hosts?? YES!!

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