Feb 232017

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Feb 192016

We finally made it ladies and gents, its finally Friday!  I hope everyone was able to recover from this weekend’s Grammy madness.  As we come upon another weekend here are some activities and info you should know that should take you all the way through Monday…hopefully…


First off Im opening today’s writing with something that everyone should be doing this second.  Theres been an online petition started that is calling for Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool) to host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live!  Let me be very clear about this, the petition calls for Deadpool, not Ryan Reynolds to host the show so that means this will require Reynolds, or at least a body double, to appear in the whole episode in full costume.  I think this is an amazing idea and could be a HUGE game changer for SNL.  Its something fun, different and sure to be vastly entertaining.  You can sign the petition here http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/93664044-story  I did, so should you.

Theres a new Pee-wee Herman movie coming exclusively to Netflix called “Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday”  If you aren’t excited as much as I am about this just watch the trailer, that should fix whatever concerns you have about the production.  I can’t freakin wait!!


Portrait of the artist Tristan Eaton.

If you are in the area and are by Meltdown be sure to come around to the back of the store and witness this beautiful mural being painted by world renowned artist, Tristan Eaton!  He is working on a gigantic mural that will cover almost the entire back wall of our store!  If you want to see a master at work definitely stop by and witness this beautiful piece being painted live!  He will be painting all weekend so be courteous and let the man work!


Now for all you music heads out there, more specifically you EDM fans, there is a really fun show tomorrow night that might pique your collective interests.  Legendary EDM DJ/Producer Eric Prydz is performing tomorrow night at the Palladium here in Los Angeles.  If you haven’t seen Prydz live before this is a really fun show.  I used to tour with Eric and his show is definitely not one to miss.  I guarantee you will know at least one of his songs if you aren’t already familiar with him.  Hell even I might check it out.  Definitely head to the Palladium tomorrow to dance and just feel all sorts of good.

Feb 032016

Good evening Melters!  It was another beautiful day at Meltdown comics.  There are a few things this week that I want to share with you, the unwashed masses.  So without further ado, here are a few things that should be on your radar this week in the world as we know it.


Growing up I really can’t think of anyone else who was as big of a Power Rangers fan as I was.  There was nothing I enjoyed more than waking up every Saturday and seeing what my favorite “teenagers with attitude” were up to every week.  When I found out that Saban was rebooting the franchise with a blockbuster movie coming up I was ecstatic!  Power Rangers redone with a serious tone and no camp?  This I have to see!  They have already casted the original 5 Rangers, mostly unknowns, but there was a casting reveal this week that really got me pumped for this movie.  The incredibly talented Elizabeth Banks has been cast as the main villain, Rita Repulsa!  While I didn’t have the first clue who could possibly play this iconic role but the choice is PERFECT.  I truly believe she will nail this.  I truly can’t wait for this movie to come out.

I’ve always been a fan of actor, Anton Yelchin.  From his indy flicks to his role in Star Trek I always saw big things in store for this kid, and it seems his upcoming film will back this up.  I am also a huge fan of Patrick Stewart and the fact he’s a main antagonist in the film only makes me want to see it more.  Check out the trailer, judge for yourself.


Now if music is your thing I have something just for you, you audiophiles.  DJ, producer and just ridiculous person in general, Dillon Francis, has recently released a look book online that you can check out that shows off his new lifestyle brand called, IDGAFOS that is currently available on his online store.  If you’ve ever heard Dillon’s music or been to one of his shows, you know that he is not like any other of these performers out right now.  He has his own brand, multiple personalities, and a love for all things absurd.  IDGAFOS is a movement spearheaded by Dillon (which is an acronym for “I Don’t Give A Fuck Or Shit”) that embodies his way of living and Dillon’s approach on life.  IDGAFOS means living for yourself, being you, and not worrying about what other’s think and to be positive about who you are and what you represent.  The collection features a series of new graphic t-shirts, bold colored embroidered shirts, and much more modeled by Dillon himself and the lovely model, Emily Kretz.  Check out the store and the look book here: http://idgafos.com

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 6.16.22 PM

Now if you know me, you know I love me a good t shirt.  If you’ve ever come into Meltdown, chances are you won’t see me with the same shirt twice.  I am always on the hunt for a new store that will sell me shirts with ridiculous stuff printed on them and I had to share with you guys my most recent find.  SerialKillerShop.com is a t shirt store that features all of your favorite cinema murderers.  From Norman Bates, to Leatherface, To Patrick Bateman every major character with a large bodycount can be found on this sight.  Be sure to pick of some Serial Swag here: http://serialkillershop.com