Jan 292016

Hey Melters, another weekend has fallen upon us.  While we are still in a bit of an activity slump until spring picks back up, I was able to find a few things to keep your brains occupied until Monday rears its ugly head again.


Heres something wrestling related so I have to tell you about it.  Tomorrow night, at UCB Sunset, my friend and former WWE writer Jensen Karp will be performing his monthly wrestling themed comedy show.  Karp will be joined by other comedians such as Sean O’Connor, and Jermaine Fowler.  The show will focus on the “Attitude Era” of wrestling so Karp and his crew will be talking about their favorite matches and wresters of the 90’s.  If you were a Stone Cold, DX, or a Rock fan then this is definitely the night for you.  Jensen has a really creative mind and always does professional wrestling justice with his shows and other events he holds based around Sports Entertainment.

This is a cool activity for the entire family.  Starting at 5 O’clock tomorrow at Night on Broadway in Los Angeles theres a lego mural of artist, Chuck Close, being built out of 17,000 legos.  They’re asking the public to pitch in and help contribute your legos to the project.  Its a five hour event so find the time to stop by and add your piece to the mural.  Check out the youtube video explaining the event.  The exhibit will be displayed outside the Spring Arcade Building.


Today’s episode of The Wrestling Sheet Podcast hosted by Ryan Satin came out today and I was a guest host on this week’s episode.  This episode we discussed AJ Styles, Dave Bautista, and The Rock.  Be sure to give it a download and subscribe to this awesome podcast.  Theres great convos every week and if you are a wrestling fan like I am you will love this podcast.  Here’s the Download link:  http://prowrestlingsheet.com/sheet-podcast/


Leading into tomorrow I will be attending the Pizza Slime/Anti Social Club party tonight.  From what I understand this party is going to be insane.  I will be doing a post on the event tomorrow with some pictures that I take tonight.  As you may have read in a previous post I did on my friends at Pizza Slime, these guys know what they’re doing with pop culture and events so Im definitely stoked on tonight.  Pray for my liver though.

May 262015


We’re back! This week Josh, Eddie and Aristotle return to the studio to talk about Marvel’s SECRET WARS!!

May 192015


Last episode was our most explicit! This episode is our laziest! Eddie, Josh and Aristotle hang out at the counter at Meltdown to talk Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Secret Wars!