Jun 032010

Worlds collide and universes are shattered as we make it official! Sam “the Hammer” Humphries is welcomed as the newest permanent member for the Meltcast (and the internet couldn’t be happier).

To celebrate, we bring aboard a double shot of guests for your listening pleasure! First off, we welcome Michael Holmes (adapter), Ryan Johnson (musical director), and Marz Richards (the devil) of the Sacred Fools Theater Company (sacredfools.org) to discuss their current show: FORBIDDEN ZONE: LIVE IN THE 6TH DIMENSION, a stage adaptation of Richard and Danny Elfman’s 1982 video cult classic. They also keep us posted on the status of SERIAL KILLERS, MAGNUM OPUS (literal performances of the worst screenplay ever found) and the upcoming and first-ever Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In the second segment we lose our collective shit and welcome a unified Meltcast favorite as Joshua Dysart, writer of UNKNOWN SOLDIER from Vertigo Comics joins the discussion! We talk the recent heartbreaking news of the series’ upcoming cancellation, his plans for ending the story, and upcoming projects like the final completion of  BUDDHA (Liquid Comics) and the upcoming NEIL YOUNG’S GREENDALE (Vertigo) with Cliff Chiang on art duties.

Many bothans died and even more tears were shed to bring you this information.


Mar 252010

We’re boiling over with guests on this jam-packed edition of Meltcast! We welcome aboard writer/director Ben Ross who penned BELLADONNA from IDW in the first segment, and then bring aboard Marz Richards and Jaime Robledo, members of the Sacred Fools theater company based in Los Angeles, for a discussion of comics, theatre, performance, and what really goes on after hours at comic-con. In the meantime (and in-between time), we hit some of the weeks big releases, including THE GUILD, SCALPED, HUNTER’S FORTUNE, and of course, the one, the only, NEMESIS from Millar and McNiven.

Information for the Sacred Fools Theatre Co., including shows and times, can be found at  www.sacredfools.org


Jan 212010

Greetings Masters of my Fate,

I have written a new comedy piece called SECRET WORD. It takes place during the Golden Age of Comedy on an alternate Earth where the Three Stooges launch an Entertainment Gang War and are opposed in their bid for world domination by the heroic actions of the Marx Brothers.

It will debut in episodic form at Sacred Fools theatre on Saturday, January 30 at 11:00 p.m. during the SERIAL KILLERS program.

What’s SERIAL KILLERS? Five shows enter, three shows leave; it’s Saturday Night Live with consequences for bad writing! YOU decide which three serials you liked best at the end of the evening and vote on who will come back the following week! I love this show and have been spurred to enter the fray because it is so much fun to watch and participate in.

I really need you to come out and support this show as it is YOUR LOVE that will keep us in the ring, ready to fight another day. This is quite simply the funniest thing I’ve ever written and has wonderful pay-offs week to week and a great ending in store if we are good enough and lucky enough to make it to the end of the season. If you can’t attend, tell a friend to come down and have a great time with us. It’s quick, it’s funny, and there’s an eight page limit week-to-week, so if you hate a particular serial, it’ll be over soon.

Debuting Sat, Jan 30 11:00 p.m.
660 N Heliotrope Dr
(1/2 block south of Melrose, 2 blocks west of Vermont)
Parking available in our lot for $5
Tickets only $5


Marz Richards