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Feb 162010

Antoinette the Sympathy Girl returns in a Sexy, Brooding, Gothy Goth Colorway. Dressed in Black on Black with some more Black just because. She is stunning. This is an NTF Oh so limited release of the Long Sold Out 2002 Sympathy for the Records Industry logo figurine. This Release is Extremely Limited and now created exclusively for 3D Retro. This figure is based on Pablos art and sculpted by Nathan Cabrera.

On release date, Meltdown Comics welcomes their great friends, The Suicide Girls. The SG will be in attendance to spice up the night and help us commemorate this editions release. Missy and her Angels will be Signing Books, Posters and Other bits. Come and enjoy a great day into night filled with beautiful sights and limited figures. And hey collector, wile you are at it. Take home one of the limited Sympathy for the Record Industry vinyl figures. Her presence in your collection can only make the rest of 2010 much better for your dusty toy shelves!

When?: Saturday, Feb. 20th 5PM

Where?: Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Blvd. LA, CA 90046

What?: Toy Release, Suicide Girls, 3D Retro, Meltdown Comics, Necessaries Toy Foundation, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Nathan Cabrera, Southern Philly Experience Food Truck, Good Times!

Not this but just as cool. Reserve yours now

One for the road. the SG in Legit Dharma Outfits SDCC 2009

South Philly Experience