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Rocio Mesa is a journalist, like Clark Kent. She wears glasses, like clark Kent. But she is not threaten by Kryptonite. Her parents found her in a remote village in Granada, Spain. She was raised as an ordinary girl, but at the age of 27 she moved to Los Angeles to live the supernatural adventure she was meant to. While she is not saving the City of Angels from crime, she makes documentaries and works at Meltdown Comics learning from others superheroes.


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Favorite comics:

-Jimmy Corrigan the smartest kid on earth (Chirs Ware)

-Ghost World (Daniel clowes)

-Black Hole (Charles Burns)

-Summer Blonde (Adrian Tomine)

-Watchmen (Alan Moore)

Oct 032010

So you’ve sold a script and you’re excited.  But what’s the next one going to be? What if you’re thinking about doing a superhero story and you’re not a comics fan?  Or you didn’t grow up reading about Superman, Spider-man, and Batman?

What if you’re an aspiring screenwriter and you think you’d like to break in with a script about people with super powers?

There have been more and more movies and TV shows made about superheroes that have been good and successful. There are ones made from existing comics characters Batman: Dark Knight, Watchmen, the three Spider-man movies, lesser known ones from comics like Wanted, Astroboy, as well ones made from original screenplays that are either about super people, like The Incredibles,Hancock, or My Super Ex-Girlfriend, or films and shows that draw heavily on superhero mythology and traditions like The Matrix, Buffy, Heroes, and Chuck.

Here at Meltdown University, we know superheroes.  Melt U head instructor and Program Director Jim Higgins has 16 years of experience in the comics business, including six years as an editor and assistant editor at DC Comics, 12 years as a comics teacher, a BA and MA in cinema studies, and five years experience teaching film studies at The City University of New York.  His  workshop will give you a grounding in story structure and then an overview of the history, mythology, and various aspects of the superhero story so you can do your own and do it well.

If you’re interested in doing a script about how heroes can better society, or how power corrupts, and the superhero story is going to be your vehicle, sign up for this one day seminar.  We’ll make you do painful homework in preparation like watch good movies and read a couple of great graphic novels. We think you’ll have fun and learn something in the process.

Sunday November 21 from 11am to 6pm.

Go to this link to sign up before the workshop fills up!