Jan 252012


Friday: 7pm In Store Q&A with Keith Baker: Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Setting “Eberron” and “Gloom” The card game.

Saturday: 1-6 Celebrity Charity Dungeons and Dragons Game – Live feed on website *Details below

Sunday: 11-5 DnDMelt Sunday Game in the Meltdown Annex with Surprise Celebrity guest & Raffle for January’s Paid Monthly Members. (RSVP http://Meetup.com/DnDMelt).

DnDMelt and Satine Phoenix bring you the second Annual CELEBRITY CHARITY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS GAME!
***This is an online event which means on JAN 28, go to meltcomics.com and choose the table you want to Pay Per View at!

DATE: SATURDAY – January 28, 2012


LOCATION: Live Feed ONLINE at http://meltcomics.com/ (Online only: NOT a store event).

DONATE Minimum: $1.00 !!!!!! (Donate a min of $1 to view live feed – per table).

This year’s lucky Charity is: REACH OUT AND READ http://rorlosangeles.org/

4 tables of up to 6 celebrity gamers per table will be playing the same Adventure, choosing from a short list of Characters all written by Celebrity D&D Writer: Keith Baker (Creator of D&D’s Eberron Campaign Setting).

Ever wonder how different celebrity minds would approach the same adventure? You will be able to watch from the comfort of your own home. Each table will be streamed live for viewers to login and watch for a minimum donation of $1 per table.

You can purchase a PDF of the adventure for $5 to play with your friends.

Our Dungeon Masters for the Day:

Keith Baker
Zach Hanks
Matthew Mercer
George Rockwell

The Players that have RSVP’d:

Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Dan Milano
Jason Miller
Pat Kilbane
Johnathan London
Beau Ryan
Jeff Cannata
Chloe Dykstra
John Zurr-Platten
David Nett
Yuri Lowenthal
Sax Carr
Ramon Govea
Rob Schrab
Sandra Daugherty
Brian McCarty
Derek Pierce

New RSVPs: Damian B & Milynn


The event will be filmed and live streamed by http://Stickam.com/

Thank you http://mightyfineinc.com for the TShirts that will be Raffled to the players.
Our Gaming room will feature Poster Art from Time of the Faeries http://www.timeofthefaeries.com/ and deviantART http://www.deviantart.com

A BIG THANK YOU to HASBRO and  Wizards of the Coast for supporting us in this endeavor. Another thank you to Shelly Mazzanoble for the Goodies! 😉
http://shellymazzanoble.com/ – Writer of “Everything I need to know I learned from Dungeons and Dragons”.

For more questions about this event please email DnD@meltcomics.com

Join our DnD Community http://meetup.com/DnDMelt

Jan 102012

DnDMelt’s Dungeons and Dragons Beginner’s boot camp 201 – the second part of the DnD 4e Beginner’s Boot camp series.


Saturday JANUARY 14, 2012

Time: 1-4pm

Now that you’ve taken DnDMelt’s Beginner’s Boot Camp 101 & have a character, how do you use it? What do all of the numbers on the sheet really mean? What are actions? What is initiative? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?!?!

Here will will take you step by step through a fighting encounter and show you how to use all the cool abilities you have chosen. Powers, Utilities, Feats, Skills. You got to pick them, now its time to use them.

The second part of the class we will show you different ways to utilize your character. Different ways to play. Ways to think outside of the box. Do you really need to fight that dragon? Maybe you could talk your way out of the situation. Maybe you should think your way out?

For more info: meetup.com/DnDMelt or email DnD@Meltcomics.com

Dec 072011

DnDMelt’s Beginner’s bootcamp 101. The first part of our Boot Camp Series where we teach you the ABC’s of Character Creation.

Price: $10  

DAY: Saturday December 17, 2011 TIME: 1:00pm-5pm

In this 4e BootCamp we will show you:

– EXACTLY How to make a character & what makes a character

– What to do in what order and what to add up to calculate all the things that need calculating

– Choosing Feats & Powers

– the importance of Armor, Weapons & Equipment. *Always be prepared

– Easy steps to leveling up

Bring Yourself and a pencil. We will have the character sheets here as well as other handouts

Questions? check out http://meetup.com/DnDMelt or Email DnD@Meltcomics.com