10 Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2019

10 Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2019 – Watching videos becomes interesting way to get entertainment. There are many kinds of videos, starting from the clips of songs to various series and movies. To get them, many platforms can be chosen, and YouTube becomes one of the most famous platforms to find those videos. There will be no problems to get them in this platform.

If you also love to watch videos, you only need to search what you want to watch and there will be many recommendations. However, sometimes it sounds better to watch offline videos, so it is necessary to download them. To get this, the platform has provided access for download and offline video. Well, there are some recommendations of the best YouTube downloader for android 2019.

Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2019

Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2018
Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2019

It is true that it feels better to watch video offline, especially when you find no internet connection. By downloading them, the videos can be watched and repeated many times. About the downloader, there is more than one app to use. If you are going to install them in Android devices, just find what you need and there is good recommendation for you. This can be good reference and you may choose based on the description and features offered by the app.

Videoder as Recommendation of the Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2019

Videoder aRecommendation of the Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2018
Videoder aRecommendation of the Best YouTube Downloader for Android 2019

Talking about YouTube downloader, many options can be found. They do not only work as downloader, yet various features are ready to help users in finding easy access of videos. Among those applications, Videoder can become one of the best choices of downloader. Some useful functions and features are provided in order to give a better experience in accessing all videos coming from YouTube.

  1. Faster download

Faster download
Faster download

Download speed is what people need. You may also want to get better download speed and this is what the app can give you. It is the best YouTube downloader for android 2019 that can provide better process of downloading video, so you can save the time for waiting its process.

  1. Converter


You will also get access to convert the video. This becomes useful feature to get. By having this converter, you do not need to worry about the video format. Even, you can save it into audio format. This will be helpful when you are downloading video clips of song. Instead of saving as videos, it is better to save them as audio file. This can have lower size and this can be played in the music player. Therefore, you may add the downloaded files into your favorite playlists. Now, you will not need any additional app anymore.

  1. Option of format and resolution

Option of format and resolution
Option of format and resolution

Then, this one is also the best YouTube downloader for android 2019 that allows you to choose the format you want. The videos have many formats and some of them are not supported by device players. In this case, just choose the most suitable and playable format, so it will not be a waste for downloading the videos.

About resolution, you can make options. When you want to get high resolution, you can make it although it may have bigger size. It depends on your preferences and needs. At least, this app has provided the features and options.

  1. Multi download

Multi download
Multi download

When you are using some other downloading apps, you may find that you can download only a video. You have to wait for its downloading process in order to get next video. By using Videoder, you do not need to wait.

You can download more than one video, so it is so helpful whenever you want to have more videos downloaded at once. Of course, this will give impact on downloading speed. It may be slower, but you will have no problem when getting Wi-Fi or fast internet connection.

  1. Built-in browser

Built-in browser
Built-in browser

This becomes the other interesting feature. It will allow you to download videos from website. By having this feature, you can download them even if you open the YouTube from browser. This becomes helpful function when you are someone who does not want to have special app for YouTube since it can be opened from browser.

  1. Access to other sources

Access to other sources
Access to other sources

Then, as what you know, YouTube is not the only platform to get videos. There are many sources and sites providing videos. In this case, you do not need to worry. When you want to download the video, just find what you need and this application can work on other sites.

More than 50 sites can be accessed by this app. Moreover, the access of download is so vast. Well, this becomes great solution for you who love to download many videos.

Those are some features offered by Videoder. That’s why it becomes recommendation of the best YouTube downloader for android 2018. Many functions and features are so helpful to get videos with many kinds of format and settings. Even, you can get videos from other platforms and sources, so this single app can work for many purposes.

If you want to get other references or recommendation, there are also some alternative apps to choose related to the great YouTube downloader. These apps are also great to download videos.


It becomes one of the most popular YouTube downloader apps for Android devices. You will be able to open YouTube or certain sites from it in order to download the videos. This app also provides built-in video player, so it becomes easy to watch what you have downloaded.


As its name, it gives easy access to download videos. This even becomes one of the oldest YouTube downloaders for android. In addition, it provides fast downloading speed as well as easy access to search videos of music and the other kinds of items.


This one gives good user interface. The design looks great and this makes users easy to use the app. Moreover, it also provides great downloading speed, so you will have no problems about the process of download.

Even, it can give better access to stream videos. You may have less possibility of buffering, and this becomes so fun. If it is not enough, the app can provide notification for you related to the app and video recommendation.

Tips for Downloading the Best YouTube Downloader for Android

Tips for Downloading the Best YouTube Downloader for Android
Tips for Downloading the Best YouTube Downloader for Android

The best YouTube downloader for android 2019 becomes so useful to get videos easily and quickly. Those features will help you to get suitable format. You may also convert the videos.

However, some points must get great attention and they will be about the tips for users. The tips must be your concerns in order to get full benefits of the app without any risks for you and the devices.

  1. Secure sources

This app is not available in Play Store which becomes official store of app for Android devices. It means that the app will be downloaded from external sources. Of course, it will need special attention, especially for its security.

When it is from Play Store, there will be less risk of security problems since the store has its own filtering system to prevent any malwares and bugs.

However, it will be different case when it is from external sources or other websites. You need to make sure the security by yourself. The easiest way is to download videos from your PC. It is safer to use PC instead of android devices.

PC has better antivirus and antimalware protection. Moreover, you may scan them before transferring or moving the file to your device. It can be good way to get the great security.

When you want to get good sources, you may also choose some popular sources or websites. There are famous websites that provide trusted app with less risk of malware. Of course, it is still better to do scanning in order to get multi-layer of protection and prevent any malware infection to your device.

  1. Permission

It will be other problem to find in the process of installation. Since it does not come from Play Store, usually the devices will reject the app in its installation process. It becomes such procedure of protection made by developer. However, it does not mean that you cannot download the app. You still can download and install the best YouTube downloader for android 2019 by giving permission.

Furthermore, to give permission, you must open the device setting, and go to part of security. There, you can change the setting and allow installation from external or unknown sources. By doing this, the app will be able to be installed to the devices and there will be no notification anymore.

Another Best Android Video Downloaders For Youtube 2018

  1. OGYouTube

  2. NewPipe

  3. Videoder

  4. SnapTube

  5. VidMate

  6. YouTube Vanced

  7. YMusic

  8. YouTube Downloader

Those are some important points related to the great downloader for your android devices. They can be so helpful if you love to save and watch videos from the devices. However, some matters must get proper attentions to give better and safer experiences in enjoying the app and videos downloaded by the app. Well, by paying attention to those points above, you will have the great access of the best YouTube downloader for android 2019.

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